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200th Post, Oddballs, and Trains

Friday Night, 200th Post, a coffee mug filled with warm water, a new computer mouse, a stack of New Yorkers, a crappy external monitor, and no ideas.

I am amazed that I am still writing. 199 posts, most of them nonsense, except a few which are ‘emo teen’ type. (so much for my retarded growth). I am amazed that I am still writing. I am amazed, there are still things out there that amaze me. I am amazed that I have not gone numb. I am amazed that soggy winds have not bogged me down. I am amazed that some people still smile, when they read me.

Frankly, I would tell the truth here, (for a change), I came pretty close to quitting this blog, donning my superhero costume, and save the world by turning earth the other way round! But then, realized that costume does not fit. Though, the keys on my macbook still fit my fingers. So I came back! So, for now…

1)   I will continue trying to blow your brains out.

2)   I will continue pretending that real world does not exist, its hidden somewhere in warped ink on paper.

3)   I will continue to pretend that If my parents had not dropped me on head, I wouldn’t have been the way I am. (they still fight as to which one of them dropped me)

4)   I will continue to believe that I am an android whose circuitry has gone bad.

5)   I will continue to believe that solution to everything lies in not finding sense but in living the antisense.

Just to leave you with something; here is a video, where some oddball decided to walk up in front of an express train, lay down safely on the tracks, let the train speed over her, got up, dropped her slippers, picked them and walked back home!

“Momma! I am bored! It is 10:15 AM, 43rd Pennsylvanian would be on tracks soon, let me have a nap under it, I would be back soon…cya..”

Ok!! Embedding not working… Click here for the video .

One that Got Away….

Okay, first time ever, I am anxiously waiting for an Adam Sandler movie. My favorite trailer moment:

“There is always one girl out there that got away…one that got away…guys have that and serial killers have that.” —Funny People (2009)

It is so hilariously true! Although, I can kinda relate/confirm only the guy part of dialogue…no serial killer tendencies involved. 🙂

So at 12.21 AM, as I feel all mushy about mine ‘one that got away’, sip coffee, flip through freeze framed moments of nostalgia, here it is, a song for you people.

For listening to full song: Click here [Challenged as I am in some respects, I could not figure out how to embed a video from Todou to WordPress using a Mac OS. Any inputs?]

I don’t know…

Something weird happened today. I had this idea that I should close down the blog and felt this weird sort of detachment from it. Don’t know why?

It is one of those Forrest Gump moments, when after running for so long he just decides to stop and go home. What am I going to do, if I don’t blog? I don’t know! Maybe I will just spend time in my own imaginary world. A world inside a sea shell, inside which I have a small tree house, under which a brook passes by, and I talk to animals. They don’t understand me and, I don’t understand them. Eternal Bliss!

On similar lines, I will leave you with the trailer of “Where the wild things are”. Spike Jonze and Dave Eggers together! I am waiting!

PS: I don’t know but it may or may not be my last post on this blog!

Talismaan: Chandrakanta, the Movie, the real whatever it is!!

Can somebody please tell me;

1)   Why the hell is Amitabh Bachchan looking like a crude blend of Saruman/Dumbledore/Mad Eye Moody?

2)   Why the hell does he shout ‘NO WAR!!” and then pulls out his sword. I mean, com’on “No War”! Was it supposed to be message for still president George W. Bush.

3)   Why is he carrying with him, a glass sword? Glass Sword!!!! Whats wrong with water balloons then?

4)   Why is the lettering on swords most often in Chinese?

5)   Why does the glass sword change into an ugly half dragon, half night crawler kind of character at the end of trailer? Why could’nt they choose something prettier, less uglier, and not so trite?

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‘Who’s on First?’ by Abbot and Costello

I don’t know if I have ever told you, but one of my dreams is to work at a good sketch comedy show’s writer’s room. What am I doing to achieve that dream? Well..ehmm..nothing! besides watching ‘Studio 60 on…’ again and again, nothing!

Anyways, while reading about history of sketch Comedy, I found this video of ‘Who’s on First’. Performed by Abbot and Costello, this sketch was adjudged the Best Sketch of 20th Century.  The concept has been repeated so many times in many different movies and sketches but the classic still retains its charm. 

Midnight Meat Train; WTH…was..that?

Did ANYONE besides me, watch ‘Midnight Meat Train’? Yeah! it’s a movie! It is a movie where one guy goes on smashing people’s heads, eyes, limbs with a shiny hammer.

When I tell people that I watched that movie, people always ask, “Why?” And my answer, “I had no choice, it was either this one or the ‘Attack of giant leeches’ and I know that latter would have ended with hero spraying tons of salt on big leeches.

Since I am one of those very few who watched that movie, and I figure that most of you wont even try to watch it, I hereby present before you the commentary of that movie. (Warning: May contain spoilers! But I don’t think you should worry, you are anyways not going to watch it.)

1.     There is this guy who smashes people’s head on the midnight subway train. In his day job, he happens to be a butcher.

2.     There is this other guy, who is a photographer and prefers to click portraits without taking permission from his subjects. So you know he is bound to get in trouble.

3.     Then there are few other guys who are there in the movie to come below butcher’s hammer while photographer clicks from other train compartment.

4.     Butcher has a wardrobe that seems borrowed from Danny Ocean. And somehow somebody has mastered the art of making tuxedos that are blood repellent, so all this while train gets splashed with blood, the butcher always comes out wearing a spotless suit.

5.     The movie is longer than it seems. When you think that this is just another slasher movie, where the hero’s fiancé/girlfriend/wife is going to shoot the slasher and end credits would roll on, the movie takes a twist. A big twist and then you start wondering that ‘Are you still watching the same movie?’

6.     Apparently NYPD knows about what is going on and they are part of a much bigger conspiracy. If you are looking at the half-eaten piece of sausage in your plate, don’t worry, the conspiracy is not big enough to feed you human meat.

7.     It is based on a short story. My opinion; it was better off as short story only and there was hardly a need to adapt it on screen, and show headless bodies, bodyless heads, eyes-hanging-out-of-eye-sockets, some body part without other parts, and vice versa.


I am now wondering, if I should have gone in for, ‘Attack of giant leaches’.

Scribbles from Last Week [Week 40, 2008]


Sarah Palin is going to commit blunders in this debate….She is going to faint…she is gonna have a stroke mid way…she just cannot handle this debate…blah blah blah!


All this hoopla before vice presidential debate, I actually thought that she was going to come on stage wearing a space suit with at least dozen biomedical devices attached to her.



Him: …everybody commits every sin everyday. It is like a conscious u have a notebook and then you go…Greed. Cross. Sloth. Cross. Envy. Cross. Blah. Cross. Pride. Cross. Whatever. Cross. And then you run out of paper. Shit, no more paper. You are like..I have to commit more sins..Shit, what now?

Me: (silent)



“Can you believe it, the first electric powered vacuum cleaner was invented in 1900? And before that, they had mechanical ones!!”

“Really, mechanical as in you had to suck the air in from one end of pipe.”


[Music and Lyrics]

An old Irish song. Amazing!

Oh dark is the evening and silent the hour

Oh who is that minstrel by yon shady tower

Whose harp is so tenderly touching with skill

Oh who could it be but young Ned of the Hill

And he sings, “Lady love, will you come with me now

Come and live merrily under the bough

I’ll pillow your head where the light fairies tread

If you will but wed with young Ned of the Hill”


Young Ned of the Hill has no castle or hall

No bowmen or spearmen to come at his call

But one little archer of exquisite skill

Has loosed a bright shaft for young Ned of the Hill

It is hard to escape to this young lady’s bower

For high is the castle and guarded the tower

But where there’s a will there’s always a way

And young Eileen is gone with young Ned of the Hill

Scribbles from Last Week [Week 39, 2008]


Scribble! Scribble!! Scribble!!!

WTH!!…thats too much pressure!



“Why do the leaves fall, if they have to come back again in next spring? Isn’t it like too much wastage of energy and moreover isn’t it too much work.”



“Why do you want to go to Iceland?”

I replied, “I don’t know really, I want to build an igloo, meet an Eskimo and ask him how long does it take to boil potatoes there?”



Here it of the week!

Scribbles from Last Week [Week 38, 2008]




In terms of cranial capacity, I am better only to yeasts…yeah that’s because they don’t have a cranium.




Three girls in the bus…


“I miss Tennis”

“You play Tennis?”

“Yeah! do you?”

“Yayyyy! I play tennis too!”


“Yayyyyyyy! You two play tennis too! I play too!”

“Yayyyyyyyyy” “Yayyyyyyyy” “Yayyyyy”

“I don’t have a racket!”

“Me neither!”

“Me neither!”

“But we all play tennis…”

“yayyyyyy” “yayyyyy” “yayyyyy”

“we need a fourth person to play doubles.”

“my friend plays tennis too…she has a table too!”

“yayyyyyy””yayyyyyy” “yayyyyyyy”




The question said, “Give an achievement of your life that can help BP (British Petroleum)?

I wrote, ” As a kid, I was good at digging holes!”


Another one said, “Why do you want to join BP?”

I wrote, ” So that I can a discount on my gas purchases. I hope you do that for your employees.”



I know this week’s writing sucks more than usual. I am not in my elements.





Here is my song selection from last week: Gamma Ray by Beck

Scribbles from Last Week [Week 37, 2008]






“Can you hear a sound?”

“That’s just tectonic plates moving”





Remember, when they had declared Haryana as dry state and people resorted to smuggling liquor bottles from adjoining states, hiding them in every possible nook and corner of their clothing. Now here is my own Freakonomics funda:

“The sale of larger sized underwear increased during that period when state was declared ‘Liquor-Free'”





Personal opinion it is, but I think writing short stories is much easier than writing plays.




Most played song on my playlist during last week : Fields of Gold by Sting

Here it is: