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Bush Presidential Survey Ranking: 36th


“Did you see that George W. Bush is 36th out of 42 on Presidential rankings!” [Source: CNN]

“Yeah!! Really?”

“According to a survey by historians!”

“Ha ha ha…what happened to that one liner- History is going to judge my actions-shit!”

“lol….but still its historians who put him in that rank! Not history!”

“Ha ha ha”

“Ha ha ha …yeah history might put him even lower down the rug”

“Ha ha ha…I so totttally agree with you dude!”

“This should be his line now- I was not the worst. There were 4, no hold on..5 below me!”

“Yeah..that should be his reassurance speech like…My fellow Americans, we have come out of this mess 4, no 5, no couple of times before,..we will manage this time too!”

“That would have boosted his ratings and stuff!”

“I don’t know about that man!”

‘Who’s on First?’ by Abbot and Costello

I don’t know if I have ever told you, but one of my dreams is to work at a good sketch comedy show’s writer’s room. What am I doing to achieve that dream? Well..ehmm..nothing! besides watching ‘Studio 60 on…’ again and again, nothing!

Anyways, while reading about history of sketch Comedy, I found this video of ‘Who’s on First’. Performed by Abbot and Costello, this sketch was adjudged the Best Sketch of 20th Century.  The concept has been repeated so many times in many different movies and sketches but the classic still retains its charm.