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8.00 AM PT, and I have just now officially completed a totally sleepless night. Not one of those red bull powered, assignment-due-date-looming-over-your-head type all nighters, or out-with-friends kind night-out. A sleepless night full of thoughts about why life has turned out the way it is, when did I lose the control of steering wheel, and in these moments when I was not in drivers seat, how many exits have I missed. What was on those missed exits? An interesting person, an intriguing story, a brilliant idea, a hidden trail to somewhere, a village, a treasure, a monster, a disaster, sunshine, rain, fall, or spring?

How would life had turned out, if I had not made certain choices? Were these choices worth it? Were people for whom these choices were made, worth it? Did people change, or was it just me?

An old friend used to quote another of his friend, and say ‘People come into your life for a reason or a season…’. 4.00 AM miracle, and you realize; some people come into your life for a reason, some for a season, some for a seasoned reason, some for a reasonable season, some for a reasonable enough reason, some are just like monthly magazine subscriptions. Very few, but some, come to your life for the journey.

A tinge of existential crisis, a pinch of broken dreams, a brushstroke of nostalgia, an underlying canvas of longing, and you get a picture called ‘Sleepless’.

[PS: Sorry for swapping channel of this blog from Comedy Central to Hallmark. Normal programming would resume soon.]

Birthday Post

“As you get older… some of the things you love might not seem so special anymore.  And the older you get, the fewer things you really love.”

-Hurt Locker

When a few days after your birthday, this is the only dialogue that is ringing in your head, you know that you are getting old. Yes, ladies and germs, yours truly is getting older. Turned 25! TWENTY FIVE.

As you grow older…you are battling your own inconsequentiality in this scheme of space and time. You realize that your own elemental existence, is nothing but just a temporary speck lying on the more permanent threads of time. Space, that seemed so easy to conquer, is actually defeating you on unanticipated battlegrounds.

But, thats not all I have to say, because blessed I am, for having friends that make this getting older special for you in more ways than you could have ever imagined. It is because of friends like these, that I can say, “To hell with the inconsequences, to hell with the insignificance, to hell with time and to hell with space! CHEERS to TWENTY FIVE”

‘The’ Birthday Post




Friends who travel hundreds of miles to wish you, send you messages across the oceans, a conference call that makes you feel that they are right there with you, Two amazing set of mails by your younger brother, bunch of friends who turn up at your house at midnight, call you and sing “Happy Birthday..” on speaker phone, loads of calls from family, relatives and friends, a party at your adviser’s place, an electric guitar, a LED light that projects universe on your ceiling, loads of books, cards, an amazing shirt…and lots of love…Its BLISS!!!


If that’s what getting older is…I love it!!!  


FLASHBACK (to birthday..)


Happy Birthday to Me! Happy Birthday to Me!! HAPPPPPYYYY BIRTHDAY TOOO MEEE!!! Many girlfriends to me…la laa la laaaaa…..


Just a few minutes back, I turned a year older (all of a sudden, like voosh, and my jeans does not fit me now!!) , and as I celebrate another very heavy milestone (weight-wise) in my life, I would like to thank  all my family and friends for protecting me from world (or vice versa), and proving that ‘Survival of Fittest’ does not hold true in some cases. Thanks to my pet earthworm (I have one! His name is Timothy), for showing me that I am not the only crawling thing in this world….I have spoken for so long now…Where is my Oscar??…Oh! its NOT Oscar Night, Oh! Okay! Then in that case please disregard everything I said.


What else, hmmm, yup!, RESOLUTIONS, Birthday Resolutions! (I don’t know why I said it in Bond, James Bond Style)….lets see, first I have to repair the broken umbrella lying in my living room, secondly I have to decide on a tattoo design and location, and last I want to be the youngest Nobel Laureate.

Cross Lines, Cave Drawing/Cartoons

Earlier this morning, while I am in deep sleep, I get this absolutely amazing idea for a cartoon (at least it seemed like an amazing idea at that time), so I wake up all of a sudden, run out naked on streets shouting, “eureka eureka”. Okay, the last part is not true! But, I did get an idea.

Later, in the evening, I pull out my notepad and start working on drawing the idea on paper.  And that’s when hell lets loose on myself; I realize I am pretty bad at drawing, I have absolutely no idea as to what I should draw, and I have forgot most of my dream.

It is not that I was trying to draw next generation of graphic novels or manga; even when I started drawing, I only had stick drawings in my mind, but, as it turns out I can’t even make stick figures, which tells you that a caveman is more talented than me. For one of the panel drawings, I had to show confused look on a character, but to my horror, in the end product it looked like he was blushing.

A few hours into the process, and I realize that besides driving a gas guzzler Jeep Cherokee for one full year, this cartoon drawing has become one of my most Environment un-friendly act of sorts. I have run out of my pages in my notepad, my trash can is full of papers, and I am feeling more frustrated than ever.

After I get anything that looks like something, I scan it and then send it to my friend by mail. Review time, you see!

He calls me in no time and he goes, “Sorry, I did not understand it…”

Now, I would have taken it as a compliment had I wished to next Pablo Picasso, but it is a cartoon, so I start explaining him. “See, in first panel, the guy on left is actually a  guy, and the girl on right is actually a girl, and the guy actually ….blah blah….aliens……full circle……reality…..” and then after he pleads for me to stop speaking, I tell him how much time I spent in making that cartoon.

He says, “Why don’t you draw a cartoon of you drawing a cartoon?”

I won’t deny but it seemed like a nice idea, but I gave it a second thought and replied, “ Can’t, that is too complex of a subject matter for my abilities” and then added, “but I can sure write about it.”

Here it is my own Cross-lines and Cave Drawing:


One that Got Away….

Okay, first time ever, I am anxiously waiting for an Adam Sandler movie. My favorite trailer moment:

“There is always one girl out there that got away…one that got away…guys have that and serial killers have that.” —Funny People (2009)

It is so hilariously true! Although, I can kinda relate/confirm only the guy part of dialogue…no serial killer tendencies involved. 🙂

So at 12.21 AM, as I feel all mushy about mine ‘one that got away’, sip coffee, flip through freeze framed moments of nostalgia, here it is, a song for you people.

For listening to full song: Click here [Challenged as I am in some respects, I could not figure out how to embed a video from Todou to WordPress using a Mac OS. Any inputs?]

Of Dampners

Dear Sis,

Remember that girl I told you about…you know what, I think I might be in love with her…like you know every time she sends me a mail or something, I just can’t avoid reading it over and over again. I read them minimum like 5-10 times. Do you think I am going crazy over her…what do you think I should do?

Reply fast!



My dear young stupid brother,

Don’t do anything…just go and consult a doctor or something because you might be suffering from “short term memory loss” J and that’s why you have to read her mails over and over again……

And yeah, I don’t know which one of “the ones that you told me about” are we talking here.  Don’t forget you need to get me my special chocolate, so that I can keep my mouth shut in front of Mom and Dad.





Oh shut up! I mentioned only one…ok maybe two…but this is the one that I met at Barnes and Noble…..anyways, do you think its pretty normal that you can’t really focus on what somebody is saying really….like somebody is saying, you are just glad that they are speaking to you..words don’t matter!


Re: Re: Re:

Dear Bro,

Its normal only if you are suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder….still, as I said, don’t do anything stupid!