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….I am back! Don’t even remember when I posted last. Weeks ago? Months ago? Years ago? Many Many lives ago?

Where was I? kahaan gaye they? bhool gaye apna farz?! khoon paseena ek karke apne bachhe ki tarah paala tha is blog ko, aur tum chod ke chale gaye!

  1. I was in a PhD induced coma
  2. I was working towards refilling my quota of insanity.
  3. I was also working on a book titled “Tiddo ki Psychology” (Psychology of grasshoppers). (excerpts will be posted later…)
  4. I was also experimenting with my writing on an anonymous blog. Basically, I was ranting a lot about my personal life there and using mildly offensive language. Both the content and style are outside the scope of this blog.
  5. Trying to figure out ways so that “I drag this life” instead of “This life dragging me”.

What now?

I am back…will be here for quite sometime! So lets get back to tearing the world apart! Every cynical bit apart! Every banality apart! Every cliches apart! and so on… get the point! right?

Duniyawaalon tumhein charoon taraf se gher liya gaya hain! Bhagne ki koshish bekaar hain!

Here is one of my recent rants that I voiced while I was high on caffeine and Red Bull:

Starbucks on every corner…starbucks on every corner!!!..If they continue like this, earth would become incapable of producing any more coffee one day…they are leading us towards a world where there would be no coffee! Like literally! NO COFFEE! Think about a world without coffee!…#$%$! Don’t even think about it! Its too dark of a scenario to think about…not coffee colored dark…like dark dark!…countries fighting wars over coffee…..this capitalist coffee, no, coffee capitalism is going to shake the whole world, and it should be stopped.”


Its good to be back! I am pretty sure I have lost all my loyal followers by now…but if you are still there….a big Hello to you guys!

Food vs Sleep

had for lunch

This graph is based on a lot of assumptions and some other things that I can’t remeber the word for. Anyways, i would have explained all the things but i had Indian for lunch and i am ……ZZzzzzz (Snore Snore) (Kidding! I never snore.)

One that Got Away….

Okay, first time ever, I am anxiously waiting for an Adam Sandler movie. My favorite trailer moment:

“There is always one girl out there that got away…one that got away…guys have that and serial killers have that.” —Funny People (2009)

It is so hilariously true! Although, I can kinda relate/confirm only the guy part of dialogue…no serial killer tendencies involved. 🙂

So at 12.21 AM, as I feel all mushy about mine ‘one that got away’, sip coffee, flip through freeze framed moments of nostalgia, here it is, a song for you people.

For listening to full song: Click here [Challenged as I am in some respects, I could not figure out how to embed a video from Todou to WordPress using a Mac OS. Any inputs?]

Brain Freeze!

12.59 AM: 10 minutes since I have been staring at blank screen…

1.06 AM: 17 minutes since I have been staring at an almost blank screen…

1.09 AM: Can’t think of anything to write!

1.13 AM: Coffee or Red Bull?

1.15 AM: Hot white chocolate Mocha it is!

1.16 AM: SHIT! #$%$! No milk!So, No coffee! To hell with Red Bull, too! Just plain H2O it is!

2.00 AM: Just deleted half a page of trashy stuff that made no sense at all.

2.07 AM: Should read something, will stimulate some ideas! New Yorker/Harper’s/David Sedaris?

2.23 AM: Article on misuse of cognitive enhancer drugs in colleges is too long…i think some of the kids in my TA class might have been on Addrell or Ritalin or whatever…always seemed under too much stress, poor kids.

2.26 AM: Feeling hungry

2.35 AM: Hash browns are the greatest thing on earth!

2.43 AM: Phaon was a mythical ferryman…, who hid among the lettuces… (reading Dictionary of mythology and religion)….lettuce! Ha ha…subway should be open 24 hrs.

2.XX AM(not sure!): Need to Pee!

3.03 AM: What the hell! A group of people, on road outside just disappeared, when I blinked…..I am hallucinating. Sleep deprivation. No, if I can analyze that I am hallucinating or not, then I am not hallucinating….whatever!

3.15 AM: Should go to sleep! Have a meeting tomorrow…Gudnite!

3.17 AM: Brush teeth. Pee or Not Pee?

3. 20 AM: Lights off!

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…Of Hate Speech, Coffee and a Genius…


‘Free hugs’ videos that are freely available on net are one of those very few things that are acting as a detriment to me falling in social dungeons, where nihilism and philistinism are the entrenched thought and belief. I woke up this morning with a terrible disappointment in my own bitterness towards this world, a shaken belief in the ritual of good, a sunken feeling that threads of community are either falling apart or getting laced with lead. But then I saw this video of a stranger guy giving free hugs to people and I was ‘back and running’.

Talking about bitterness, what’s up with ‘Hate Speeches’? It seems to be the new shortcut to political stardom. Everybody seems to be doing it, Raj Thackeray did it, Varun Gandhi is doing it, Limbaugh does it very often, and our media that is always hungry for anything that can be remotely called a story, is generous enough to devote prime time coverage to such people. Can somebody please explain the TV news channels, that I would not go crazy if I wake up at 3.00 AM in night and there is no news on TV channel. It is okay, even if they are not 24 X 7, and even if they are so dedicated to provide us news, I would prefer a story on a New Hampshire grandma, who made a big cookie in shape of pit bull, instead of watching a madmen delivering a meaningless ‘hate speech’.

I was talking to my brother yesterday, and I dropped in a question about the ongoing elections, “Heyy, so whats going on with the elections?”

“Nobody is interested in them, IPL is on, right?” [IPL: Indian Premier League]



“I am a genius at making coffee…ehm..its like…like, my last name should be friggin’ Starbucks or something”




Realization of your own genius self is an unusual, slightly disturbing, but in most parts, an ornately pleasant feeling. But more than the feeling itself, the act that leads to that realization is more intricate, seemingly perplexing, but an invariably simple experience. Later in your life, when the reluctant society has accepted your abilities, talents, or actions as a work of genius, you are always asked this question, “How did you realize that you are a genius?”


I was taking down notes in my class that day and my pen slipped out of my fingers, started falling from my desk, and that’s when it happened, my thighs closed in on the pen and caught it in mid air, before it could touch the ground, before it could fall and establish that I am a normal person just like everybody else in the room. That’s when I realized that I am genius, I can do what none of you can, I can catch pens in my thighs. That year I dropped out of school and went to organize the State Thigh Catching festival, which I won, and have invariably won for last thirty years now.


My third gold in the double trap Olymipic ‘Catch falling objects with your thighs’ was a tense one, that stupid son-of-a-gun Papua New Guinean, came really close to defeating me on a day when my response time was more due to an onslaught of flu on my immune system.

Till this day, as I rest on my hospital bed, I replay that event of first realization in class, in my head, in slow motion, as the pen falls, my thighs move in, and then…


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Notes from Webster’s Bookstore Cafe


If you ever happen to visit State College, then add Websters Bookstore Café on your itienary. Why? Because I am saying so, isn’t that enough! On a slightly less serious note, if one day I become a very famous author, then you will know the caffeine source behind all those great writings. Café Mocha..Single..Whole Milk..thats my pick! Choose yours!

So after a year of shamelessly ignoring Websters Bookstore Café from my writings, I decided to devote a whole blog to my caffeine source of every day.

They always play this nice song, which seems to belong to every possible language on this earth. Today they played this track that can easily be used in a Hollywood horror flick. Especially in the scene when the ghost has killed everybody and then realizes that he is not a ghost but a man while all those he killed were actually ghosts.

If you drink tea, this place is like heaven but if you don’t, then the ordering counter seems like a well-planned conspiracy against coffee drinkers.

One of the Baristas is really cute and I have this itsy bitsy crush on her. She also makes best Café Mocha. I don’t know if cuteness quotient and mocha skill are both related.

Talking about bookstore, can somebody please tell me how many books has Joyce Carol Oates written? She seems to be all over the bookstore, in all the sections, in all the racks.

The Hillary Clinton lookalike, in an all Blue suit spent like hours browsing through the biography section and at the end did not pick even a single book. It seems that she was searching for biography of her servant’s dead grandfather’s German Shepherd. It does not concern me much but I had to crouch in my seat for full 15 min., so that she can easily search for the biography of her interest and then she killed my curiosity in the end by not picking up any book.

Having said all this, I must tell you, I really love this place.  The pleasure of sitting near books and Cafe Mocha….Two of the most amazing things…