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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (No spoilers!!)

Well finished reading the much awaited book by evening today…I must say that magic is still fresh in JK’s work. One gets to delve more deeper in the concepts of magical kingdom, its histories, its laws, principles of wandmaking¬† in this book which marks the coming of age of our hero, Harry Potter. He truly dons the role of a leader in this book which is no doubt a bit high on death count.Besides Harry another person who comes of age in this book is none other than Neville Longbottom.

When I started reading, I was a bit disappointed while reading some parts as I believe they did not actually belong to JK’s class. Some scenes in intial chapters were very movie styled. I have always (and everybody would agree here) that movie follows the book here and not the other way round. But as you proceed the sheer brilliance of JK’s work leaves you enchanted. This is a book which tells reasons behind things that happened in last books, about people you thought you knew very well already.¬† There is so much in this book that you would not like to get off from your reading table or couch even for a second (this is true if you have been an avid Harry fan all these years)…..and then you say its just a book!!…..

There are losses in this book which are heart rendering but the best part about the book is its handling of the end…its a fitting end to the gripping tale that has extended over 7 books. But my personal favorite moment of the book: death of Bellatrix!! (well am sorry if it was a spoiler to you!!..but it was expected that she will die. right?!!). I had certain ideas about people who will kill Bellatrix but you will be surprised to know who kills her!! ( I wont disclose here as I said “No spoilers”)..Well at least, I was surprised!!

Well so, this marks the end of HP series…Thanks to JK Rowling for bringing back so many people to the magical world of books.

PS: By the way, I bought this Hogwarts Cap from nearby Barnes and Noble.