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Some days when you miss the good old you, it is best to be the good old you.

So here it goes, Cheers, to the family, to the friends old and new. To fresh beginnings, and the refreshed beginnings. All things old. All things new. To blissful walks on threads of time. To this cryptic existence in space. To stories of attachments, and to narratives of detachments. To beliefs. To nihilisms. Facts. Fiction. The layer of clouds, and to the sun peeking through it. the rains. the emotions. to soliloquy.  to the conversations. to outer compulsions. to inner voices. to words said, and unsaid. to the success. and failures too. to peaks. to waves. to wind. to the messages in the wind. to roads taken. to exits missed. to aspirations. to ambitions. to chaos. to the order. to empty pages of a diary. to the rants on crumpled pages. to melancholic humdrums. to activity bursts.  to sense, and also to the antisense. To the ultimate heterogeneity of this all: LIFE.  Cheers. Indeed. 


I know who I am. And after all these years, there’s a victory in that.

-Rust (Matthew Mcconaughey) in True Detective


PS: It is good to be back! 

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