Years ago, me and a great friend of mine were researching to write a for-class-only book of ours aptly titled, ‘How to be the Center of Attraction, even when you are already the one’, and he mentioned one of the greatest pieces of Yoda wisdom I have ever received, “ Just watch things around you as if it is a TV screen”, he said. I wonder, if that is how I should have really lived my life thereafter.

As things get more inter-twined, and everything around me seems to be a complicated mess of sorts, I wonder if an unconnected one-way interaction would have kept things simpler. I wonder if I would have been further away by staying away, or I have gotten more away from the people that mattered by actually getting closer to them. Where I stand now, everybody seems to be asking me a question. If not asking a question, they seem to be blaming me for not having one, and worse still, sometimes for not having an answer to a non-existent question. I understand that life is and will always be a book of questions that does not have answers on the last few pages. Maybe there are –that’s why old people are calmer, and seem more content–but there is no way to peek into those pages with answers. But on some days, when I sit alone on a dark gloomy day, looking up at the overcast sky, staring at the blankness of everything, I smile at the similarities between inside and out.

[I know, this post does go against the normal programming of this blog. In fact, you may ask that there has been no programming in last year or so. To which, I say, “No comments!”

Arthur Dresier once said, “Art is the stored honey of the human soul, gathered on wings of misery and travail.” And I say change Art to science, and you have my answer. Well, while we are there, change stored honey to crème brulee too! Confused that the quote does not mean anything now? Don’t worry, that makes two of us!]

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2 thoughts on “title unknown

  1. Suparna says:

    I have lived the Great Life for six months more than you so I shall pass on my wisdom, o friend-
    1. The old people are happy coz they know it is futile to find answers to some questions!
    2. No good can come of turning away from the people that matter but the trick is to recognize the right ones!
    3. Eat creme brûlée on overcast nights! 🙂

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