…this blog has become my favorite ground for “promise-cide”. Every time I come back from an exile, I promise to stick around, and then leave again, then some months later come back-back. Quite a bad habit I have picked up. Anyways, all this while I had enveloped my writing aura into a layer of self-doubt, and sealed the envelope with general hatred for mankind. I had casted an impression on myself that I could not write, but, late last night I realized that the reason I could not write was a) I was not writing b) I did not have my superman cape on.

Easy things to take care of!

So, here I am, back again…

What did I miss?

A few people, dressed up in suits, sitting in high chairs, decided how many people should get rights to be covered under the miracles of medicines. Earth’s belly shook a couple of times. Few people played a crazy game, many watched it, and few collected the money.

People expressed opinions. People opposed the opinions. People burned other people while opposing the opinions.People burned themselves while opposing the opinions. People burnt flags in opposing the opinions. Flags were draped around people who got burnt while expressing or opposing the opinions. Water in seas kept rising. Water in eyes kept rising.Smoke from burning kept rising. Rising smoke blinded the mayflies. Mayflies collided and died. Dead flies waited thousands of years to become liquid. People became addicted to the liquid, and started burning it. Smoke kept rising.

All this while, the rock that we call home, kept falling towards infinity. Mathematicians said, “Ahhhaa…Infinity!”



Here is the song playing in my head…enjoy!

10 thoughts on “Well…

  1. Anuradha Kushwanshi says:

    hey.. long time!!
    It seems you have started treating your blog as a girl friend.. you promise to stay and then leave!
    You can certainly write a blog about your adventures when away. 🙂

  2. Shruti says:

    I do agree with Anuradha……….. High time you get married to the blog !!!! =p
    Anyways, good to have you back and hope you stay forever this time!!! 🙂

  3. Shruti says:

    Well at times the story is even more tragic……….people were burnt while they were trying to do good for the humanity………….which included you…………you just started enjoying the whole idea of burning others………..without thinking who is on your side…..

  4. Shruti says:

    And at times you dont even burn………….you give people a more painful death………..killing softly with your song/words/actions/expressions…………thats more than enough!!!

  5. Gauri says:

    the choice of the song (soulful) and the writing (very you) seem to be two different persons!

  6. Ankur says:

    i was just wondering in how much time you might have written this blog…. did you stop anywhere in between ….to think for a moment!!!

  7. Debleena says:

    welcome back !!
    nice song !:) where did u find it?

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