Unlikely Things to Hear on Ektaa Kapoor Serial

  1. He is dead and he won’t be back for sure this time.
  2. In the series finale….
  3. Narrator (in an Ajeet ‘Lion’ voice): (RECAP) Its very very simple…Komolika is trying to F$%k around with Tulsi by killing her husband, who just wouldn’t die, Mrinalini is helping Tulsi and also helping Komolika, and Mandira is not Mihir’s wife as popularly believed, Mihir is actually married to Komolika but Tulsi thinks  he is married to her…whatever, its all bullshit!
  4. For all of you who are wondering what happened to Komolika, here is an update: She suffered slip disk under the weight of her lehnga. We need a new actress now.
  5. Narrator: It is not real!! So STOP crying!
  6. Narrator: Here is an important message for all the ladies watching us right now, “STOP PLOTTING TO KILL YOUR MOTHER IN LAW”
  7. (Doctor to Tulsi): You are suffering from Schizophrenia, (turns to all her relatives standing next to her bed) and its time for you to leave the show.
  8. Issued in Public Interest.
  9. This week in Kyunkiiii-fill-in-whatever-hain, all characters take a class on ‘ poisons that can be easily added to milk without changing its color.’
  10.  Maa Saa! What did you do in park? There are Bajrang Dal people throwing stones at our house now.
  11. Tulsi: Oh! F$%k! You mean to say this is not big brother’s house. I want to leave now!
  12.  (All the characters in unison): Reality TV is kicking our ass. So from next episode, we are going to use more profanity, wear skimpy clothes, and do whatever we do now. 

 [Note: For quite some time now, I have been so inspired to do a Mock The Week India blog, but till that works out, lets remain satisfied with Unlikely things…]

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9 thoughts on “Unlikely Things to Hear on Ektaa Kapoor Serial

  1. Kokonad says:

    #2 is my favorite! Loved #1 and #8 too! Ha ha ha ha ha!

  2. Debleena says:

    loved it !!! 🙂
    in #3..im surprised you even know that much!!!…tel me the truth are u secretly watching them??

  3. Anuradha Kushwanshi says:

    Lol… 😀
    #10….Wondering what Maa Saa must have done!! 😉

    Referring to the past K-data, it will probably take 36 episodes, 4 character changes (including 2 dead persons returning after plastic surgeries), 8 Karwa Chauth/Godh Bharai/Engagement/Son-returning-home-after-20yrs/whatever celebrations, 2 Rakhi Sawant & Tusshar Kapoor special song n’ dance appearances to promote their next flick, hmmm…where were we….ya, to get a hint of what the immortal Maa Saa actually did in the park!!!

  4. Gauri says:

    5 and 6 are grt.. u are quite updated with the K series.. !!!

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