About ‘Snakes in the Restroom’

Every now and then, while flipping/scrolling through daily news, there comes an article, which is so different from the usual horror stories of life. Here is one that I found recently:

Picture 3

This is how the article starts:

An Australian man will be putting his toilet seat down in the future after discovering a python almost twice his size curled up in the bowl.

I read this and I am like ‘wow!’. That’s exactly a kind of story I am looking for, among stories of murder, mayhem, war, and likes. –A python sitting calmly in the bowl of a restroom. Imagine, yourself going to restroom in the morning, half asleep, and there it is, a PYTHON, waiting for you. Scary, right? Now imagine your neighbor experiencing this. Funny!

Anyways, a snake wrangler was called and he had following comments to offer:

It’s not unusual to find snakes of that size in the tropics but you don’t find usually them in toilets

Really! Ow oh! this must be a particularly dirty fellow!An odd snake with lack of self respect. 

And this is what people said about the owner:

…the owner lives on a rural property where snakes are respected, so he left the python alone and used a different bathroom until it could be safely removed.

Hilarious! What would he have done, if he did not respect snakes – used the restroom with a python sitting in the bowl.

 According to the whole story and in words of the snake wrangler, this was the take home message:

Keep the toilet seat down and look before you sit!

Just cracked me up! Simply hilarious!

 I read this and realized World’s a much better place!

[Link to the news article]

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