In a Day…

…when i feel like I am suffering from African Sleeping Sickness, and I am dreaming of best ways to ferry entire population from earth to another ‘livable’ planet ( in case we find one), here are a few stories that I wanted to share [Source: Harper’s Magazine]:


Police in Turkey rescued nine women from a villa where they had spent the last two months being made to fight each other, wear bikinis, and dance by a swimming pool for what they falsely believed was a reality-TV show.

My favorite bit in there – ‘made to fight each other’


A man in Wales was sentenced to prison for murdering his partner after she changed her relationship status on Facebook to “single.”

And here I am, facebook-challenged, still fumbling at all the options on facebook homepage!


After successfully praying for his release from a stuck elevator, a devout Catholic in Vienna went directly to church, where, giving thanks to God, he embraced an 860-pound altar, which fell over, killing him instantly.

Thats one godly way to say, “Stop pestering me! Press the emergency button or call the elevator guy next time!”


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