‘The’ Birthday Post




Friends who travel hundreds of miles to wish you, send you messages across the oceans, a conference call that makes you feel that they are right there with you, Two amazing set of mails by your younger brother, bunch of friends who turn up at your house at midnight, call you and sing “Happy Birthday..” on speaker phone, loads of calls from family, relatives and friends, a party at your adviser’s place, an electric guitar, a LED light that projects universe on your ceiling, loads of books, cards, an amazing shirt…and lots of love…Its BLISS!!!


If that’s what getting older is…I love it!!!  


FLASHBACK (to birthday..)


Happy Birthday to Me! Happy Birthday to Me!! HAPPPPPYYYY BIRTHDAY TOOO MEEE!!! Many girlfriends to me…la laa la laaaaa…..


Just a few minutes back, I turned a year older (all of a sudden, like voosh, and my jeans does not fit me now!!) , and as I celebrate another very heavy milestone (weight-wise) in my life, I would like to thank  all my family and friends for protecting me from world (or vice versa), and proving that ‘Survival of Fittest’ does not hold true in some cases. Thanks to my pet earthworm (I have one! His name is Timothy), for showing me that I am not the only crawling thing in this world….I have spoken for so long now…Where is my Oscar??…Oh! its NOT Oscar Night, Oh! Okay! Then in that case please disregard everything I said.


What else, hmmm, yup!, RESOLUTIONS, Birthday Resolutions! (I don’t know why I said it in Bond, James Bond Style)….lets see, first I have to repair the broken umbrella lying in my living room, secondly I have to decide on a tattoo design and location, and last I want to be the youngest Nobel Laureate.

9 thoughts on “‘The’ Birthday Post

  1. charu says:

    aww.. thats so sweet 🙂 Hope all your resolution get realized soon .. Happy Birthday Weekend 🙂

  2. Gauri says:

    Gaurav, that’s such a warm post. i loved that bit abt sheltering.. earthworm.. you know, this seems one of your most serious, real post till date. wishing you a lovely day, hope your humour improves with each passing year. 😀

  3. saumya says:

    Aww..this is the sweetest post!! 🙂 More birthday wishes for you.. here’s hoping all your resolutions/wishes come true, including the “many girlfriends to me lalalaaa”!! 😉

  4. Debleena says:

    🙂 made me smile ….
    its a lovely feeling to know u are surrounded by so many ppl to whom your birthday matters so much
    gaurav in your case the “getting older, jeans getting tighter” will ever be true 🙂
    waiting to see the led lights
    oh n u forgot the 2 cakes and 2 movies…lol
    happy birthday again !!!! 🙂

  5. Kokonad says:

    I so missed it! 😦 😦
    Looks like there was a rollicking time at my apartment!

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