TV’s Moment of Zen

RakhiLast Friday, I had this genius of an idea that I should watch ‘Rakhi ka Swayamwar’ and then write at least 10 funny blogs on the idiocy that goes on in that show. But it turns out that I ignored the side effects of genius(ness), because here I am, with holes in my brain, gray cells that you can count on your fingers, and hollow eye sockets as I decided to gorge on my own eyes after watching 20 minutes of that show.

Taking cue from my favorite ‘The Daily Show’, here it is your moment of zen, (you can directly jump to 1.05), after which it becomes, AMAYYZIIINGG!!


11 thoughts on “TV’s Moment of Zen

  1. Anamika. says:

    What is up with that show? Every guy seems to be bragging about it. You’re one of them. 😐


    • Gaurav says:

      oh oo! I just got remembered of my high school history questions that always ended with “Explain!”….Thats one thing i am really bad at doing; Explain!…anyways…

      “What is up with that show?”
      Its a reality show that can sometimes be confused with MTV Roadies and is about this girl “Rakhi Sawant” who is trying to find her life partner on TV… they short listed a bunch of idiots, dressed them up in most “eye-hurting’ colors, and asked them to shoot in eye of a moving fish, (oh last part is not correct, I guess)….anyways, Rakhi Sawant will actually marry the winner of this show, and then divorce her, and will be back for second season!

      “Every guy seems to be bragging about it. You are one of them”
      Please..puhlease…don’t paint me with the same brush…I am not like every guy…I am different…I can fly! 🙂

      and here’s a few extra pointers…..

      >I have nothing against Rakhi sawant
      >I have nothing against she deciding to get married and choosing her husband from a list of prospective candidates
      >I only thing that doing all this on TV is stupid and possibly funny…
      >and the show is damn boooorrring!

  2. Gauri says:

    you know, i actually saw an episode and didnt mind the nonsense much after sometime.. 😀 * hides her face*

    • Gaurav says:

      What are you talking about???… I seriously feel that I lost some major portions of my brain after watching the 1st episode!!!!….just could not bear it after like 20 minutes….:)

  3. saumya says:

    rotfl!! Truly AMAYYZZZING!!

    • Gaurav says:

      Ha ha ha…yup Truly AMAYYZZZING it is….oh! and did you seee…when he says “same to same”..somebody should give him one tight slap and say, “No it is not!!…she is wearing some red and weird shade of blue and your blue is on some other end of spectrum”

  4. Kokonad says:

    Heh heh heh heh! I tried watching it today… cannot do it man, cannot do it!

  5. Gaurav says:

    Don’t say later that I did not warn you!!!

  6. pitu says:

    OMG AMAYZZZZZZING! Thank you Sai! ;-D

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