Indiblogger of the Month

Yours truly’s totally untruly yours blog has been nominated for the Indiblogger of the month Contest. Yayyyyy!!! Yippeeeeee!!!!! (jump on bed)!!!! (catching my breath)…Yayyyy!!

A quick look at all the other nominee’s and I am pretty sure that I don’t deserve to win -there are way more funnier blogs. But just in case, you think different, you can follow the link, and vote. (Oh! there are 21 hours left for voting). But what I would suggest is that do check the list of nominee’s, there are some amazing blogs listed there.

Indiblogger of the Month (Original Humor Category)

Oh and just in case, you vote for me because you are high right now (and my blog happened to be first on list there)/you decided to click on vote with your eyes closed (and I got lucky)/you love this blog/you love me (blush blush), then you will get an iPOD from my side. I have a lot of them because I always visit sites as their 100, 000th visitor and they always say, “conGRATULATIONSS!!! you have won an iPOD touch”

Anyways, remember, there are only 21 hours left. The list might just vanish after that…

UPDATE: ….and just in case, you don’t vote for me, my friend Matt is going to ask his pet gnomes to build nests in your hairs, drill holes in your brain, sell gray matter to leprechauns, and fill the drilling holes with valium (they are really polite).

One thought on “Indiblogger of the Month

  1. saumya says:

    Dude!!!!!! i read this post late 😥
    I so needed an i-pod!!

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