Target is on move…

Anybody who sees CSI-Miami, CSI-NY, CSI-Timbaktu, CSI-Moon, CSI-Mars, FBI, NCIS, CID (Indian one), SWAT, UID (Ugandan Investigation Dept. –ohhh, I love that one), or any other TV serial/movie about a group of astoundingly efficient detectives who behave as one big dysfunctional family, would be aware of this one particular scene, that is, when a detective in plain clothes (tuxedo on most occasions) is following a potential (almost sure) culprit, and he hushes, not in a microphone, not in phone receiver, no form of sound receiving device, but just that invisible thin air around his mouth, “Target is on move” and the whole investigative unit gets into action.

What is their problem, man! If the point is to remain under cover, then from a third person’s perspective, why would you start talking to yourself! Anybody and everybody notices the guy in party who is talking to himself. People think that even people with Bluetooth phone speakers are stupid! You don’t even have that!

Anyways, since I raised the question, I will provide a solution too; Why can’t we hire ventriloquists as special agents? I mean, you will still hear sounds but your agent remains undercover all throughout the party. Pretty neat. Isn’t it??


6 thoughts on “Target is on move…

  1. saumya says:

    he ha ha!! gr8 idea!!

  2. Ankur says:

    well…lip readers can also be helpful in some cases…mind you,need to do a crash course under Tom cruise for that….ha ha

  3. Charu says:

    Nice one! I Agree..lets plan on directing a really intelligent detective serial : CSI-Haryana 🙂

  4. Gaurav says:

    Oh I had lip readers in mind too!Totally, they are an asset to any secret service.

    CSI-haryana would be damn cool re! They would work on just one priciple; catch any random guy, and beat him to the point of acceptance of committing crime.

  5. Debleena says:

    lol good one…. you wont believe it but i think I saw one of them last week

  6. Gaurav says:


    Thanks! I have been watching so many of it these days…and why are u watching those on TV,, u are in DC…u can probably watch them live in action…just visit Pentagon! 🙂

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