While I was away…

…from the world of technology and stuck in limited net access situation…

I tried to find out ‘what sort of liquor do fishes like’. End result; fishes in my roommates aquarium have gone crazy. Zebrafish have been continuously trying to do what I call ‘catch-your-own-tail’ dance and the goldfish has been bumping his head into the glass, trying to teleport out of there!

I tried to learn “how to draw cave paintings with natural colors”. My room looks like prehistoric site of archeological importance now, except that my Neanderthal man seems to be throwing a cigar at the running deer, instead of a spear.

I tried to find a new constellation so that I can name it after me. But it was a cloudy night! Alas!

And I tried to kill flies with an Obama like dexterity.

Oh! And I bought a new MacBook..wait…Its 13 inch, latest generation MacBook Pro with a 4 GB RAM. Yeah, Yeah! I am a show off! Big time show off!

3 thoughts on “While I was away…

  1. Debleena says:

    hmm…guess we have to keep you away from the fish too :)..lol

  2. saumya says:

    hey!! congratulations on ur recently acquired possession! 🙂

  3. Gaurav says:


    don’t worry, fishes are safe…just experiencing hangover..but i gave them lot of water to drink next morning! [:)]

    Thanks! But the new possession turned out to be disaster! Apple sent me defective piece…#%%#^ 😦

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