Late Night and AMC (the TV channel)

(This post was written late last night. Okay, maybe not that late. Just that I was a bit too sleepy. Later today, I decided to post it without any corrections. So you might find  misspelled names and many other blunders. But thats a sleepy ‘ME’ for you guys!)

It seems to me now that Clint Eastwood has been chasing John Malkowich for last  three days. They have both probably travelled all the roofs in city of Washington, DC probably like 768 times. You know, that’s a hint for you guys; Don’t watch a slow movie late at night. It seems even slower. Car chases seem like snails racing with each other, every second guy seems like a sloth resting on a branch, and every…wait, why can’t they give Malkovich a jacket his size. Its so big that it seems Clint Eastwood is chasing a running tent. Ha ha ha..sorry PJ..but its funny! Just imagine it!

By the way, I am also wondering, whether AMC would have existed if Clint Eastwood did not!

Talking about Clint Eastwood, here is a interesting thing that happened the other day;

In middle of channel shuffling, my friend Mattie boy, who is totally drunk from this party, pauses at this particular movie channel, and says “Heyy, this John Cena movie is cool. Look at this, he is chasing somebody on a horse,…”

The movie seems very very old, from one of those eras when people forgot to remove dust from their camera lens, or maybe they just had too much dust around.

“It looks pretty old..and mattie its not John Cena its Clint Eastwood.”

“NOOOO IT IS John Cena. Check google. Oh wait…check IMDB”

I don’t know what’s with drunk people and internet. They always get the sites right.

2 thoughts on “Late Night and AMC (the TV channel)

  1. angelicdirt says:

    You’re funny when you’re up late. That kind of silly funny you can only get when your brain is beating the crap out of you for staying up. :3

  2. Gaurav says:

    Thanks!..yup sleep deprivation kinda activates your funny bone…though in a weird manner!

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