URGENT Breaking News!

Picture 2

Wow! We have ‘URGENT’ Breaking News now!

In my opinion, A grandma having a meth lab is cool, funny, miscellaneous, ‘to-be-shared-at-watercooler’ news but not URGENT Breaking News! Its urgent to me,only if it was my grandma. But my grandma never does anything that interesting. A meth lab at her house..I am calling my grandma right now and sharing the idea.

3 thoughts on “URGENT Breaking News!

  1. angelicdirt says:

    It’s CNN. They have to keep their religious republican viewers riveted to their seats between trips to Walmart and Sam’s club.

  2. Gaurav says:

    yup it is…but your pseudonym is pretty crazy too! :). Thanks for commenting!

    Yup thats the thing…CNN always does it…..its like “yayy breaking news my neighbor slipped on banan peel”

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