Of Snakes and Herpetologists

[For most part this post may not make any sense. But thats what happens with me everytime I am thinking about snakes. It is some psychological anti-creativity snake toxin of sorts! I blank out at the time of writing, although I started off with lot of snake stories in my head!]

[Q & A]

“Are you from India?”

“Yeah. Yup. I mean yes!”

“Are there lot of snake charmers there?”

“Not anymore! Snakes ate them all. After all its always survival of the fittest.”



“Its such a bright and cheerful day outside! Why are we rotting in house? Lets go and play Frisbee”

“Noooooo!! I am watching TV”

“What are you watching?

“Snakes on the plane”

“What? That movie is rated like 3 out of 10!”

“No. Its probably 2 out of 10.”

“Why are you watching it then?”

“Because its 2 out of 10 kinda movie.”

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“I love crappy movies. See, the guy just said that they could not detect snakes on thermal scans because they are cold blooded animals. That’s hilarious!”



herpetologist(I know, its dumb! Lets call it my PJ of the day)



“Somebody should (bleep) invent a time machine, and then (bleep) go back in time, and then (bleep) shoot that (bleep) snake in that (bleep) Adam-Eve story in its (bleep) head.

Oh wait! And then feed it to Adam and Eve! (bleep)”

8 thoughts on “Of Snakes and Herpetologists

  1. Kokonad says:

    Ha ha ha ha! Loved the QUOTE! :))

  2. Kokonad says:

    And the conversation is SO FAMILIAR 😛

  3. debleena says:

    I love the first conversation…I think it shud be taught to all Indians before they leave the country 🙂

  4. saumya says:

    conversation’s funny!! fact or fiction??

  5. Gaurav says:

    fact or fiction? ummm…do i retain the right to silence?:)

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