In a Parallel World…

…..Harry checks into Hogwarts Clinic with stomach pains. A few doctors draped in white robes rush in, one after another, and color of lantern that hangs over the heavy dungeon door changes to red.

A few hours have passed since the light first went ‘Red’ . Ron, Hermoine pace nervously in the cobbled corridor, and that’s when a doctor comes out of room.

“Doctor?”, Ron says.

Doctor sighs a bit and then says, “Ab inhe dawa se jyaada dua ki jarrorat hain” (He needs prayers more than prescriptions now)

[Next day]

(Ron is sitting in Doctor’s office)

RON: How many more days, Doctor? Kitna? Kitna waqt hain hamare paas?

DOCTOR: kuch kaha nahin jaa sakta…Inka dimaag inke phepdo mein gir gaya hain jiski wajah se inka pet kharaab ho gaya hain. (Can’t say anything, His brain has fallen into his lungs, due to which he is experiencing stomache pains)

[A few songs follow]

Doctor comes out of room, “Maine injection de diya hain, ghabraane ki koi baat nahin hain” (I have given him an injection, there is no need to worry now)

They are slowly removing bandages from Harry’s eyes, one layer after another….harry slowly opens his eyes….and then, “Doctor, mujhe kuch dikhaai nahin de raha hain doctor, Doctor, DOCTOORRRRR! (I can’t see anything, Doctor)”**

{**I have no idea how stomachache got so malignant that it reached eyes. But that’s how it is. No arguments}

A blind Harry chases the Volde dude down a hill, jumps on his moving broom, saves his friends, throws the Volde dude alongwith his stupid broom over a cliff….

There’s a Mallika Sherawat item number in the end, and..

“CUT!!! PURRFECTT!” I say.

[PS: I have no idea as to why or what I wrote in this post. It started as some other joke but took a completely different form by the end. But, if you finished reading it, then probably, you have finished reading all the dialogues that were ever spoken by any doctor in any Indian movie. Somebody should rewrite their dialogues, man! ]

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3 thoughts on “In a Parallel World…

  1. debbie says:

    lol….”color of lantern that hangs over the heavy dungeon door changes to red”…nice touch 🙂

  2. Gaurav says:

    Ha ha ha…Trust me on messing up with any popular book!

  3. Ankur says:

    ha ha….nice one….such blogs get written when you let your mind loose wildly…& catch up everything that’s come in the way

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