Penguin Poop!

I saw this on CNN and just could not stop laughing.


Firstly, I know it’s a very serious research, relying on a very clever idea of using a reliable marker to trace a signal source but still when you put in CNN’s language, it sounds hilarious. It seems as if scientists have nothing better to do. Its like first we go to space in a superfast rocket (with hyperdrive capability), play a game of poker there, then dust off our books, and wonder, gee what to do now? And among this fit of indecisiveness, somebody comes up with an idea that’s lets find penguin poop.

Secondly, I find word ‘Penguin Poop’ funny. There is some poetic rhythm to it. Try saying ‘Penguin Poop’, out loud like 10 times in a row. Penguin poop Penguinpoop PenguinpoopPenguinpoopPenguinpoop PenguinpoopPenguinpoop ……. ha ha ha

(And frankly, I think, my toothache remedy has something in it, which is making me do all this crazy stuff. I might a bit high right now.)

2 thoughts on “Penguin Poop!

  1. adisha says:

    You’ve got Me smiling as well :)) Good one … That’s for putting this up …

  2. Gaurav says:

    Thanks for reading and commenting. I still laugh, everytime i see this headline! 🙂

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