Cross Lines, Cave Drawing/Cartoons

Earlier this morning, while I am in deep sleep, I get this absolutely amazing idea for a cartoon (at least it seemed like an amazing idea at that time), so I wake up all of a sudden, run out naked on streets shouting, “eureka eureka”. Okay, the last part is not true! But, I did get an idea.

Later, in the evening, I pull out my notepad and start working on drawing the idea on paper.  And that’s when hell lets loose on myself; I realize I am pretty bad at drawing, I have absolutely no idea as to what I should draw, and I have forgot most of my dream.

It is not that I was trying to draw next generation of graphic novels or manga; even when I started drawing, I only had stick drawings in my mind, but, as it turns out I can’t even make stick figures, which tells you that a caveman is more talented than me. For one of the panel drawings, I had to show confused look on a character, but to my horror, in the end product it looked like he was blushing.

A few hours into the process, and I realize that besides driving a gas guzzler Jeep Cherokee for one full year, this cartoon drawing has become one of my most Environment un-friendly act of sorts. I have run out of my pages in my notepad, my trash can is full of papers, and I am feeling more frustrated than ever.

After I get anything that looks like something, I scan it and then send it to my friend by mail. Review time, you see!

He calls me in no time and he goes, “Sorry, I did not understand it…”

Now, I would have taken it as a compliment had I wished to next Pablo Picasso, but it is a cartoon, so I start explaining him. “See, in first panel, the guy on left is actually a  guy, and the girl on right is actually a girl, and the guy actually ….blah blah….aliens……full circle……reality…..” and then after he pleads for me to stop speaking, I tell him how much time I spent in making that cartoon.

He says, “Why don’t you draw a cartoon of you drawing a cartoon?”

I won’t deny but it seemed like a nice idea, but I gave it a second thought and replied, “ Can’t, that is too complex of a subject matter for my abilities” and then added, “but I can sure write about it.”

Here it is my own Cross-lines and Cave Drawing:


4 thoughts on “Cross Lines, Cave Drawing/Cartoons

  1. debbie says:

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha……hilarious!!!!……just trying to imagine u sitting n seriously trying to draw this is making me laugh more.

  2. saumya says:

    hilarious! the cartoon is sooooo cute!! my friends at office loved it too! one of them wanted me to mail him the cartoon..i told him it’s copyrighted..did the right thing na 🙂

  3. Gaurav says:

    Well i did try realy hard to draw this one….I should like put an addendum of zip files with all my try-out drawings too!

    Thanks! i think you are the very few who appreciated the cartoon..:) well, its not copyrighted, so to mail or not to mail, i will leave on your discretion. 🙂

  4. Arvee says:

    hahaa…that was awesome!! It sure “seems like” it to me too….its crazy that ur frnd didn’t understand that cartoon…

    Don’t worry…i’ve made much more un-understandable cartoons, which probably needed an archaeologist or cryptologist to be deciphered…gave up and decided this was not for me and went for writing sci-fi ….:(

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