One that Got Away….

Okay, first time ever, I am anxiously waiting for an Adam Sandler movie. My favorite trailer moment:

“There is always one girl out there that got away…one that got away…guys have that and serial killers have that.” —Funny People (2009)

It is so hilariously true! Although, I can kinda relate/confirm only the guy part of dialogue…no serial killer tendencies involved. 🙂

So at 12.21 AM, as I feel all mushy about mine ‘one that got away’, sip coffee, flip through freeze framed moments of nostalgia, here it is, a song for you people.

For listening to full song: Click here [Challenged as I am in some respects, I could not figure out how to embed a video from Todou to WordPress using a Mac OS. Any inputs?]

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