Of Whiffs and Redolence

If according to some mythological belief there exists a God/Goddess of Aroma, then I am pretty sure, he/she travels by my morning bus in some form or the other. As a part of this self planned ‘keep yourself busy while traveling without disturbing the harmony of people around you’ exercise, I decided to put my olfactory lobes to test last week and note down the distinctive smells flowing in the air –ehh the internally circulated air inside the CATA bus to be precise.


It feels like I am travelling in an open air trolley full of citrus fruits. Like, you know they show in movies, a truck full of lemons and oranges and you are lying among them.


For some odd reason, somebody is wearing GINGER today. I am not kidding. It is true, and the same person decided to empty this whole bottle of ginger juice on his body. Can’t smell anything else now….


Today’s my favorite day….JASMINE..yayy, its like taking a night walk in garden full of jasmines.


Why would somebody decide to make a deodorant or perfume that smells like Honeydew Melons? Why?Why?Why? Even bigger question, why would somebody buy such perfume/deodorant and inflict an olfactory torture to him and his fellow passengers?

Friday and Saturday

Nose is blocked with phlegm..Damn this cold!




Velvet Rose..followed by…Coffee beans…and then some eucalyptus+wild flowers+Gunpowder+blah blah blah….

Lady at the counter smiles…..says….

“So which one do you like better?”

Friend’s ears waiting for an answer…..

Too much pressure…..

“Ehhhh….errrr……I think, Coffee!”


[An entry in my diary]

Never go out to shop a deodorant with Heena (name changed), at the end of that small aisle housing thousands of different varieties of Deodorants, your hands have been incessantly used as perfume testing strips, you end up smelling of almost everything possible in this world, and end up buying two instead of one.


Well, here it is..could not think of anything else…

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2 thoughts on “Of Whiffs and Redolence

  1. debleena says:

    lol…interesting timepass on the bus….puts a lot of pressure on the rest of us to choose the right deo :)..

  2. Gaurav says:

    well….who cares about what a poor grad student thinks and writes on his blog? So, don’t worry world, keep spreading your love in forms of redolent whiffs…:)

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