(Wisdom) Tooth Witch!

Give me a stone, hammer, pliers right now, and I will pull out my own wisdom tooth. Had such a painful night yesterday. Woke up at 3.30 AM, and was searching for any painkillers in dark, then later after 5 min I realized that I can search after switching on lights too. So much for ‘Wisdom’ Tooth!

Anyways, had gone to a dentist a week back and I have finally concluded that along with a space ship cockpit,  a dentist’s waiting room is the most unnerving place. For some odd reason, my dentist takes pride in showing his waiting patients a glimpse of what is going to happen to them, through this big glass window between waiting room and what I would call ‘dental slaughterhouse’.  When my turn came, I was led in by this nurse and asked to lie down on this weird half-table-half-chair kinda thing. I followed the instructions, and waited, waited and waited…. –I even tried to break the bulb over my head with my telekinetic powers. Did not work. Anyways, doctor finally came, peeked inside my mouth, asked me to open my mouth to a size of shark in ‘Jaws III’ and then said, “We need to do an X-Ray”. Well, here is the thing, if you needed to take an X-ray anyways, why the hell, open my mouth so big that I dislocate the joints between my upper and lower jaw.

The X-Ray machine was seriously cool, except for the instant when it started and nurse ran out of room. Having watched so many movies where US govt is doing some weird experiments on normal people, I was thinking, “Dude, this is not an X-ray machine. If it was, why would she dash out like this. Its definitely something else, -I am going to land, naked, in some other century.”

A few minutes later, back on the weird chair, doctor showed me my X-ray, and starts telling me, “Here is the wisdom tooth that is causing you the problem….”

I stopped him midway, “That’s so cool. Can I use this X-Ray as cover of my book. Oh..and better still, do you have an X-Ray with some tooth missing…that would deliver the point better for book.”

“You can get a copy of only your X-ray but its going to cost extra and it is not covered by your insurance”, he says.

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2 thoughts on “(Wisdom) Tooth Witch!

  1. Ankur says:

    Don’t get your tooth removed by him….he may charge you for returning that also !!!…and a person like you will definitely ask for his tooth also!!!!!

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