Funny is how positive energy works…

I gently push the doorbell, the other side echoes with sounds of Chinese cymbals (if there is any such thing). A cute looking girl in her mid twenties opens the door, but more than her cuteness, it is the tall bamboo standing right in the doorway that is drawing all my attention. I mean, who keeps a 5 ½ ft bamboo right in middle of their main entrance. What is it –‘Home Alone’ of sorts, what next, a pool of colors hidden under a seemingly carelessly thrown newspaper, hidden paper pins in cushions. I am still calculating the dangers, when the girl explains, “Please excuse me for that, it is this Vastu thing for proper distribution of positive energy.”


“Yeah, Since we are only two members in this house, this splits the incoming positive energy, and directs it towards both of us.”

“And that’s Vastu

“Yeah! It really works. Earlier at any given time, only one of us used to remain happy. After working on this and a few other aspects, we have seen very positive changes in our professional and personal lives.”

By now, I am no way concerned about their personal or professional lives, I am busy developing a mental visualization of a human shaped light beam of positive energy (for some odd reason they are wearing Viking headgear in my imagination) rushing through this door and then hitting the bamboo, head-on, and then developing a bump on their Viking helmets. How in the heaven’s name do you come up with something called positive energy (one that travels) getting bisected by a bamboo .Had it been a cactus, I would have thought for a second, a venus fly trap, even better, its like if you want to capture positive energy, plant a venus fly-trap in center of your doorway.

Also, there are other issues like what if there are more than two members in the family, lets say parents and octuplets (heh heh!), how many  bamboos do you plant then, is there like upper limit, something on lines of ‘keep on planting till you get no oxygen in through the doorway’.

I squeeze in through the door way, although, in retrospect I think there was no need for me to squeeze, there was enough space, and I entered this meticulously decorated drawing room. But then in one corner, one of the several windows, is closed and sealed with a silver colored duck tape.

“Whats that?” I ask.

“To prevent positive energy from escaping!”, she says and smiles.

I smile back and imagine my tiny Vikings, with bumps in head, jumping out of another window.

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One thought on “Funny is how positive energy works…

  1. Ankur says:

    It is fascinating how these vastushashtra phenomenons challenge the big-big laws of science so easily….but these things go on and will go on….you can’t change them…..but yah ….if you don’t believe in them ,just enjoy them…..ha ha

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