…Of Hate Speech, Coffee and a Genius…


‘Free hugs’ videos that are freely available on net are one of those very few things that are acting as a detriment to me falling in social dungeons, where nihilism and philistinism are the entrenched thought and belief. I woke up this morning with a terrible disappointment in my own bitterness towards this world, a shaken belief in the ritual of good, a sunken feeling that threads of community are either falling apart or getting laced with lead. But then I saw this video of a stranger guy giving free hugs to people and I was ‘back and running’.

Talking about bitterness, what’s up with ‘Hate Speeches’? It seems to be the new shortcut to political stardom. Everybody seems to be doing it, Raj Thackeray did it, Varun Gandhi is doing it, Limbaugh does it very often, and our media that is always hungry for anything that can be remotely called a story, is generous enough to devote prime time coverage to such people. Can somebody please explain the TV news channels, that I would not go crazy if I wake up at 3.00 AM in night and there is no news on TV channel. It is okay, even if they are not 24 X 7, and even if they are so dedicated to provide us news, I would prefer a story on a New Hampshire grandma, who made a big cookie in shape of pit bull, instead of watching a madmen delivering a meaningless ‘hate speech’.

I was talking to my brother yesterday, and I dropped in a question about the ongoing elections, “Heyy, so whats going on with the elections?”

“Nobody is interested in them, IPL is on, right?” [IPL: Indian Premier League]



“I am a genius at making coffee…ehm..its like…like, my last name should be friggin’ Starbucks or something”




Realization of your own genius self is an unusual, slightly disturbing, but in most parts, an ornately pleasant feeling. But more than the feeling itself, the act that leads to that realization is more intricate, seemingly perplexing, but an invariably simple experience. Later in your life, when the reluctant society has accepted your abilities, talents, or actions as a work of genius, you are always asked this question, “How did you realize that you are a genius?”


I was taking down notes in my class that day and my pen slipped out of my fingers, started falling from my desk, and that’s when it happened, my thighs closed in on the pen and caught it in mid air, before it could touch the ground, before it could fall and establish that I am a normal person just like everybody else in the room. That’s when I realized that I am genius, I can do what none of you can, I can catch pens in my thighs. That year I dropped out of school and went to organize the State Thigh Catching festival, which I won, and have invariably won for last thirty years now.


My third gold in the double trap Olymipic ‘Catch falling objects with your thighs’ was a tense one, that stupid son-of-a-gun Papua New Guinean, came really close to defeating me on a day when my response time was more due to an onslaught of flu on my immune system.

Till this day, as I rest on my hospital bed, I replay that event of first realization in class, in my head, in slow motion, as the pen falls, my thighs move in, and then…


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3 thoughts on “…Of Hate Speech, Coffee and a Genius…

  1. charu says:

    Thats the real anti sense… good one 🙂

  2. Ankur says:

    ha ha ha….
    thigh catching is indeed a work of genius….i have also done it couple of times during some boring class(when somebody starts playing with his pen…you know)…..
    it is really an achievement ,,man…..you feel proud of your reflexes….you want that somebody in the class (preferably a girl) should have seen your feat (& applauded)….but then you realise that it was just an accident and forget it…..but a real genius (like you) doesn’t let this ability let go like that…you work on it and show the world that you are a genius…(for nothing)..ha ha

    next time you take part in thigh catching competition…definitely tell me….i also want to realise my genius….
    and hey bro ….you should have told the indian govt. about your olympic gold medals..they still think that abhinav bindra has got the first gold for India….

    i don’t why politicians are talking about IPL in their campaining…..people are distressed about it being held not in india…..they can promise that next IPL will definitly happen in india….

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