Bleep space Bleep space Bleep space BleEEPP!!!!

Okay, I am not going anywhere. At end of the day, I have nowhere else to go other than this blog. And I realized that my work here is not yet done; your brains are still intact and gosh, I have to wait till they explode due to reading trashy stuff.

Why am I not quitting?
Good question. Ehm…because there are elections in India, a French girl (I think) commented on my blog, a guy in Guinea Bissau killed a 12 meter long snake with bare hands, N. korea decided to have some fireworks, many movies made it to theater, I am going to move alone to a studio apartment in next few months and landlord asked me not to lick walls as it might cause lead poisoning. I just could not float through all this stuff without saying anything.

But since it is spring time…ok at least in some parts of the country, not here, its snowing today, and it was all soggy yesterday…anyways, spring calls for some changes. I thought of going in complete isolation for a week but that plan did not work out, so I might just move a few things here and there on this blog, maybe change the header, or maybe not.  Maybe I will add a few more pages; maybe I will ask celebrities to write guest columns. Maybe…

Oh! And regarding the title of this post, stop guessing what swear words are those, because they are none, it was just a prank, a belated April Fool’s Day Prank.

Just keep smiling and as Matthew McConaughey would say Jus’ keep livin’.

PS: Heard this nice song sometime back. But the video is not for faint hearted. So don’t say I did not warn you.

3 thoughts on “Bleep space Bleep space Bleep space BleEEPP!!!!

  1. Sankha says:

    Welcome back! Had started to miss the antisense.

  2. Ankur says:

    welcome back..(though you didnot go anywhere for me,because i open your blogpage only on sundays)…..don’t ever shut it down…..people may commit suicide…your blog is like a box of chocolates,you never know what’s is coming next !!!!!! khush!!!!!!!

  3. Gaurav says:

    Thanks Sankha and Ankur!

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