Married Under the Shade of Stars!

My friend sends me her wedding card and among the drawings of Sri Ganesha and weird creepers that form card borders, somewhere in between, it says this “Doli: Taroon ki Chaoon Mein”. [Doli is the time when bride leaves with the groom and wedding reaches its finale, and Taroon ki chaoon mein means under the shade of stars”]. I found the whole thing hilarious on several counts. So (in Heath Ledger’s Joker tone), here, we, GO!

1) It shows how ill planned Indian weddings are really. We do know when we are going to start the ceremonies. Although, card would say 7 PM but actual proceedings are going to start 2-3 hrs after the stated time and we have no idea whatsoever as to when the ceremonies are going to end. So, we say that they would end sometime at night, under the shade of stars.
2) My problem starts when you call it ‘under the shade of stars’. I think we are being MOONcist here. We are ignoring moon just because it is white and non-twinkling!
3) Ok, I have a question; What will happen if it’s a cloudy night? Like, no stars visible. Are we not going to have Doli ceremony? The bride is not going to leave, marriage is not going to get that so?
4) If you are standing under a lamp, you normally say that you are standing under lamp’s LIGHT, not SHADE! Since stars have their own light, you are actually standing under stars light, not its shade!

I was telling this to my friend and he says, “So, what do you think we should write on a wedding card in place of Taroon ke chaoon mein (under the shade of light)?”
“I think, given our current knowledge, you should be specifying space time coordinates”, said I.

3 thoughts on “Married Under the Shade of Stars!

  1. Ankur says:

    Don’t forget to add error factor i.e +/-something in the co -ordinates !!! aur koi kaam nahin hai shaadi walon ko !!!

  2. pranita says:

    hey i will tell you the latest addition in wedding cards this season “mere chacha/bua/behna ki shaddi mein jaroor jaroor aana” khi khi a step ahead of taaron ki chayon mein…..

  3. Ankur says:

    well precisely……it is jalool -jalool istead of jaroor -2….ha ha

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