“You will remember me when the west wind moves,

upon the fields of barley…”

Sting is singing and playing on lute. #$^&ing shit. I have been playing this song over and over again, thinking that my life would also turn out like that of a fictional character from a TV show, where I first heard this song. Stupid Genius I am! Genius-ness is overrated. Stupidity is real. A perennial existence of self destructive stupidity; that’s reality.

…Will you stay with me, will you be my love

Among the fields of barley…

What the hell are we talking here. Putting ourselves in self constructed sea of pretense. Yes, that’s exactly what we are doing. Love is overrated. Grossly overrated.

Your dreams are overrated. They will be stomped and trampled under every other walking feet, that’s their truth. Optimism is overrated. Hope is overrated. Smiles on face masks you adorn are overrated. Happiness is overrated. Sadness is overrated. Craziness is overrated. Pain is overrated. Worthiness is overrated. Times are overrated.

…When we walked in the fields of gold

When we walked in the fields of gold…

Disguises in theater of life are overrated. Very existence is overrated. The truth is that you are just a grain of sand. A mere grain of sand and the wind that dumps you at different places is the overrated truth.

[Note: It is not my typical style of writing, but on second thoughts, I don’t have a style of writing. So I am at full liberty to write whatever I want in any style I want]

4 thoughts on “Overrated

  1. Mayur says:

    nice one…this post was a lot different than your other blogs…but I really like it…good job…I hope this isn’t you philosophy of life….

  2. charu says:

    Ohk !! and what is the reason for using this style……. i want to read that, but not that i need to know it !!

  3. debs says:

    hmmmm… why fields of gold in particular ?

  4. Gaurav says:

    Thanks Buddy! Regarding philosophy of life…I think i haven’t got one!

    well, i think the next post answered your question..not exactly though.

    ha ha ha..good observation..why fields of gold in particular?…i would like to exercise my right to remail silent on this one.

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