History Strewn all over the Place


Put me in an antique shop, any recycled goods shop or any shop that deals in old stuff, and I will invariably end up buying some crazy stuff that can always be tagged as useless, without any second thoughts. This morning, I happened to accompany my friend to a recycled goods and furniture shop in middle of central Pennsylvania. A location like Central Pennsylvania guarantees that same things have been recycling here over and over again since like the first human was born. I would have readily accepted had the shop owner told me that crumpled sheet of paper was the original declaration of independence and not the replica. Partly because I am dumb, and partly because, that shop seems like one of those seven wonders of medieval world.  


In consumer review somebody had written, “Inventory here changes every day. It is like a Treasure Hunt”. I couldn’t have agreed more. The whole shop is like portal to history that has been shattered and strewn all over the place. You might find things like the water bottle used by soldiers in World War II, a camera that in first look seems like a shoebox, a piano that very well might be the second or third piano ever built.  A shop like this that would have invoked only one word in my Mom’s dictionary, ‘Trash Can’, – is like ‘heaven of sorts’ to me. I pick up each piece with an anticipation that it is going to tell me something about some stranger in past. I was so disappointed when I did not find a bullet hole in that water bottle. That would have been amazing story to imagine and tell! Isn’t it?


Here is my shopping bag of the day:

1)   A wardrobe hanger that may also function as a beer trap or at least I think so. It is a reminder that how even hanging your clothes may have been a work out in those days.

2)   A metallic wall hanging that is in shape of a vine with kitchen utensils hanging on its leaves. The green patina adds a unique touch to the picture.

3)   A 1965 Kodak Instamatic 104 camera, that has lost its flash, its film-forwarding lever and a couple of other parts. But in my defense, Its cool!

4)   A refrigerator magnet, that has this very cheesy message, “If I could have world, I would give it you…If I could have start studded sky…I would have given it you..”

5)   Another refrigerator magnet that just says, “Stop”.

6)   A couple of sports trophies. I don’t know who sells them. Must have been some urgent need of money on seller’s part. Otherwise, I have my only bronze medal from lemon race in class II carefully tucked away in Swiss bank.

7)   A silver coffee mug with a glass base that says, “C.H.C.C 1st Flight Winner Bob Campbell 1972″

8)   Tennis racket that I am planning to send to International tennis hall of Fame, after I get my photo clicked in tight white shorts and Tees, with a headband and holding that racket.

9)   Cherry colored snuff box.

10) A kerosene lantern that now serves as the light source of the miniature light house that I had bought last year.

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