Inside Out

What is this place? Does not look like any of those terrains that they show in National Geographic? Maybe somewhere in Morocco but its all crumpled; It looks like somebody just folded a big piece of paper and threw it out in blank space. Its totally dark in here.

“Helloooo!!! Can somebody switch on the lights or something?”

Some sorts of light appear. That’s better!

“Where am I?”

“Why are these people doing rock climbing? What are they doing? I think I know some of them? What?! Somebody just disappeared in one of the crevices. Oh! The sky just lit up with something. It is playing some sort of movie. It is my movie, I mean, the movie has me. What is this place?”


There are sparks coming out from ground now. The sky has gone blank again. Its dark again. I should not be here! It is a really bad place to be in! Very hostile it seems. It looks prehistoric and seems a very competitive environment to fight for your own survival.


“How did I land here in first place?”

“I don’t know. Hold on. I know! There was this tunnel, yup Alice in wonderland type, no not really, more of like inside of an internet cable. What was before the tunnel? Its hazy…can’t remember…it was outside!


Shit! Its me, my brain!


TOO MUCH SLEEP BUDDY! I AM GOING CRAZY! I am definitely going crazy. The very moment you see people doing rock climbing on your brain, it is clear sign that you are so close to being inside a sanatorium. Oh shit! They were climbing on my brain! It hurts now! Last night I saw myself talking to Newton. Yup! Isaac Newton, not my dad’s friend’s son’s uncle’s brother in law. Issac Newton. You know what happened? Anyways, how would you know, it happened inside my brain and you are no mind readers. Okay, most of you are not!  Anyways, I walked upto him and said, “Apple, really! Com’on..tell the truth.”


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