India Diaries IV: Spitters, Ringtones and Bus Ride


Spitters vs. Non-Spitters

Whats up with people spitting on roads or as a matter of fact, at any random place or object that cannot fire the spit back at people. Last evening, while standing at bus stop, I counted that there are more spitters in Delhi than non-spitters. So my friend, if you are a non-swimmer and a non-spitter, then you are in grave danger and you can’t do much to avoid it.

Polyphonic/Musical ringtones

Polyphonic ringtones or Musical Ringtones at really high volume should be a crime. Yesterday I was in this Metro train and this guy’s ringtone almost caused a derailment with excessive sound waves generated from his ringtone. To make matters worse, most people with such ringtones never pick up their phone in two rings, even if they are holding the phone in their hands when it rang. I don’t know why they think that they are doing public a social service by making them listen songs like Achha Sila Diya tune and Tum to thehre pardesi everytime  their phone rings.

Bus Rides

If someone ever asked me what is Delhi equivalent of Roman Amphitheatres, then I would say it has to be the Delhi buses. First of all, even boarding a bus is a battle in itself and if somehow you win your first battle, then at any given second in bus there are like 10 people hanging from each arm of yours. And after enduring countless number of emotional, physical, mental traumas, if you do manage to get down in any proximity to the right bus stop, there is a very good chance that your wallet lost more than the amount of ticket and in some cases the wallet itself. Everytime, I am being pushed around in bus by unknown number of hands, I wish my mother had dipped me in Styx. You need to be demi-god or something to come out of such a bus ride with your spirits and body soaring high.

3 thoughts on “India Diaries IV: Spitters, Ringtones and Bus Ride

  1. shaaakspsyco says:

    This is India. There is no scope.. no scope for *improvement*
    Love it or leave it.

  2. Ankur says:

    There is unlimited scope in everything…..This is India

  3. Gaurav says:

    @ shaakspsyco

    thanks for stopping by and commenting….but i would disgree with you on ‘no scope on improvement’ line….i think there is always a scope and a way for improvement! And as a matter of fact…I have temporarily left it and love it more than ever!


    I was expecting somebody would say that thing!

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