2008: Not a Heartbreaking Rant of Staggering Stupid


Frankly, I had expected a bit more emotions on last day of year but it seems I am going Numb (like really movie style with depersonalization disorder and all) and frankly (it seems numbness brings out frankness and lack of vocabulary in you) I have no idea what I am going to write in this post.


Ok lets see, lets talk about 2008…things I learnt in 2008..i know you don’t care to know, but then I don’t care if you care or not, I am going to write anyways.

1. Anything that makes sense is going to ruin you in the end. Now, this statement does not make any sense, so rest assured you are safe!

2. There is an ever increasing population that thinks I am stupid, retarded, @#$#@, and couple of them, who have some extra teeth have the guts to ask me, “Are you, Really?”. My reply, “Look at the odds!”

3. Those candies with nice cute messages on their wrappers are a big conspiracy to make your life wretched! Really, no doubts about this one. Learnt it hard way in 2008!

4. You never stop waiting for some things to happen. I am still waiting for my Mom to gift me  that silver colored suit, that Mithun Da wore in Disco Dancer.

5. I was born with just one gift (I acquired X-Ray vision etc in an accident) ; “I can make people smile!” and I can never be too thankful to God for that gift.


Things I lost in 2008: I don’t want to talk about it. It leaves me in ashes and although Phoenix can rise from Ashes, the feather color fades. Don’t think too seriously about it. Understanding this statement is in no way going to affect the rate of earth’s motion, the power and water supply, gas prices, _________ (you can fill in one more thing on your own). Everything else is just not that important. 

Things I found in 2008: I don’t want to tell you! You don’t care to know! I don’t care if you know! So, what is the whole point in knowing anyways?

Any achievements in 2008

Yeah, I built a Introdermtuntitreistuntitris Gun, and it can hollow out everybody’s brain and fill it with Lemon custard cake. Quite an achievement! Isn’t it?

3 thoughts on “2008: Not a Heartbreaking Rant of Staggering Stupid

  1. Kokonad says:

    Yaar… mujhe pata bhi nahin main boloon!

  2. charu says:

    I think Koke wanted to say ” mujeh pata bhi nahi main KYA boloon” well something similar here..but one thing for sure.. You definitely make people laugh and smile but you cannot write something that makes people just sad.. if you try, you might make them cry !

    Wish you a lovely, joyous, peaceful year and hope that we get one great novel out soon 🙂

  3. debbie says:

    Im sorry for what u lost :(…..but glad u can make ppl smile 🙂

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