Whales ate all the IPODs

Last week I had this amazing short chat session with a friend of mine. I did not want to reveal her identity so changed her name but then I thought that everybody would expect changed name, so I did not change it at all, I just changed the order of alphabets so that it looks changed but it still sounds like her name.I also changed each alphabet of her name into a particular numeral and then after adding and subtracting two from each numeral, i changed the number back into her name.  Confused! Mission successful. Anyways here is the chat trascript.

Aditi Gupta’s Status Message: If oranges smell like chicken, why are tomatoes blue? Think about it!

Me: Tomatoes are blue because cockroaches have titanium in their blood!

AG: that is a good observation but i think that titanium will not only raise the standards of living but also account for Mars being second best in athletic revolutions from north pole

 Me: but then you are ignoring the fact that chacha choudhary ka dimaag computer se tej chalta hain and Pluto was married to Mars before Jupiter eloped with Saturn’s ring

 AG: these things are all hypothetical given the origin of bubble gum

 Me: and lady in the Styx thought that Pegasus was a chameleon

Deserts ate human and then burped water.

Whales ate all the IPODs

AG: again u r ignoring the basic funda of metamorphosis here

 Me: and Mozart fell off stairs.

 AG: that candles weigh lighter when a movie is released on Friday

 Me: Sting stung a stingray using his beak

Kangaroos folded themselves into their pouch before eating skull of a Dodo shell.

Among all this greatest miracle happened; Sarah Palin was born human.

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2 thoughts on “Whales ate all the IPODs

  1. KS says:

    How insane is this !? This is what people do when they are tortured to study for exams !!

  2. shruti says:

    this is the world of randomnes!!!!

    Nothing makes sense here yet if u read the conversation again everything does..

    These two people in the conversation are dear frenz of mine………and so i am gonna stand for them ……..and the humanity………
    they need immediate medical attention………..
    come join me…….help them help humanity

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