Ode to Ole’ Jeep!


“Do you like it?”

“Yes, I do. “, I had replied without taking my eyes off from that small rusted scratch in otherwise perfect white painted body of yours. “I do” from my side and there we were, you and me, till very last week when that hearltless monster, Frank ‘the plumber’, decided to end our dreams of togetherness in his DUD (Driving under Daydream). You were hit pretty bad and a week later those Dr. Insurance Agents said, “It is going to be over! You car would be totaled and you would get money worth its present day value”

 Present day value, what are they talking about? Nobody can calculate your value in dollars, or any other currency as a matter of fact. Somebody rightly said those doctors of Insurance schools, only know how to rip parts off and join them back. To the matters of love of soul and love, they are blind!

 How can I forget our holidays on ice, your roars off-track, the day when you made me proud of your AWD by cruising through that icy incline where so many minnow sedans had got struck. How you stood by me always, even in times when the gas tank beeped low and nearest gas station was 20 miles away and I reciprocated the favor when the gas prices touched $4/gallon and the whole world was after you and your cousins. Heartless world blaming you for drinking gas directly of earth’s stomach and forgetting about all the mattresses & tables you transferred from one place to another. How with a brain of your own, you had switched off the AC completely to save environment. Wow! true ingenuity and altruism!

 Maybe you being are ripped away for salvaging parts in some remote corner of Texas right now and I am unable to do anything but just wanted to let you know that those words will always be my answer, “I do.”


“My dear ole’ jeep, how I had always merrily wished,

that you would be parked just next to my grave.

Dreams break, here I am signing papers of your totalin’ “

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2 thoughts on “Ode to Ole’ Jeep!

  1. Whodunit says:

    You help me keep entertained, everytime I turn on my TV, I think of you. R.I.P Jeep.

  2. Devashree says:

    Sob! that jeep has a lot of sentimental value attached even for me – the first car I drove in the United States! I will miss you, Jeep!!!

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