Anonymous Smiles


“…every Indian’s name means something..isn’t it?” asked my American friend of 10 minutes and continued, “So! (pause) what does your name mean?”

“Oh! It means ‘Pride'” I replied, feeling proud of the fact that it means ‘pride’ and I know that it means ‘pride’. I mean, there is a very good possibility that I might have a name that may contain in itself a whole mythological tale but I may be abashedly unknown to it.

“So what kind of pride are you?” was the next shocker!

“A proud one!” I said and as if the answer was not bad enough, I followed it with a totally disoriented laughter, which sounded like a train off its rails.

Pause from his side.

Smile and pause from my side.

“So what is one thing that you are proud of about yourself?” he questioned and that very moment I knew that this guy couldn’t be my friend. He asks too many questions.

Now here comes a question that I should always be prepared of but me being me, decided to think at that very moment and came up with this very heartfelt and cheesy reply, “I am proud of the fact that I can make people laugh!”

The guy smiled.

 “..and in some cases, just make them smile!”

The guy laughed. Maybe we can be friends, after all!.


There have been times when I have failed miserably at doing any of the things I said, but  that does not take away the fact that I will always love to see people smiling and happy. (wow! that’s a beauty pageant type statement). And now finally we come to  real reason for this post. I have always believed that a logo5very good way to make people smile is to surprise them. I mean not in drop-a-piece-half-eaten-watermelon-on-their-head type surprise but the good pleasant one type surprise! And I had noticed, quite sometime back that Gauri had started this thing called Anonymous Smiles. Amazing idea! She makes hand drawn postcards and sends it to people that you want to deliver a ‘smile of surprise’. Just going through the site made me smile overwhelmingly at the idea. Kudos to Gauri for starting this and I just wanted to say, “Keep on spreading Happiness!”


Ok now! Is somebody going to give me my crown? 🙂

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