Election Hoopla!


In my last two hours before going to sleep last night, I had heard the promise of  “Change”, “New world order”, “New Dawn”, …so much that I woke up today expecting that my room would have transformed itself into inside of an egyptian pyramid . A limo would come to bus stop instead of the same old white-with-red-stripes-slowly-dragging-itself bus. Alas! No limo! But there was change! Change in people’s optimism! I have never seen so many college-going students so excited about presidential elections. Actually, congratulating each other instead of saying “Who cares?” or “Doesn’t really matter!”


My personal opinion on things..ehm..I am happy that finally it is over! I loved the excitement around it initially but it was a bit too overstretched. The only thing that I am going to miss after Obama takes oath as Mr. President, is media coverage of George W. Bush. I am no big fan of that man…actually I am no fan at all! But I am concerned about the content on comedy central. What are they gonna do? The guy was a constant source of material..I am so worried…But I guess, with him missing from highest office, we will have other reasons to laugh…

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