Scribbles from Last Week [Week 44, 2008]



“You know I feel its all useless…i should take control..i should..ehm..change things…like move on…like seriously move on…I mean in real sense, not just linger on…its pathetic the way it is….”

“What the hell are you talking…just go and eat chocolate, get the milk-almond one for me”



“I should have been a pirate”

“What then?”

“Nothing! I would have designed my own flag.”

“Yeah sure, I am thinking that I should have my own coat of arms”



‘If I ever get stuck below a frozen lake, I will eat my way out’ -Me


‘I just need to date a girl whose name starts with ‘Z’ and I will complete all the alphabets.’-Anonymous



“I hate when people keep on buzzing me with Diwali greetings. Its so very disturbing”

“You know, you are modern day Scrooge right?! Ghost of Diwali past, present and future are going to pay you a visit soon!”

“Are they going to give their greetings too? How disturbing!!”

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One thought on “Scribbles from Last Week [Week 44, 2008]

  1. Kokonad says:

    The last one is a conversation with your namesake? 😛

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