Dear Androids and Gynoids!


Its 8.48 PM, I have already slept for two straight hours and I had a coffee before I went for sleep, but still I am feeling so very sleepy! It seems that I have been drugged..yeah, like in movies where you wake up when you are not supposed to, and you see everything hazy at first, but things become clear when doctor/female lead walks in…whatever!!


This unabated, insatiable somnolence makes me wonder; what makes us so sure that we are not high quality androids (do  they have a female gynoid or are they also called androids?), running on battery or fuel cell or some weird energy source. Maybe its time to change my battery pack..maybe!

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One thought on “Dear Androids and Gynoids!

  1. onlymoments says:

    haven’t chatted w/ you in a while………hope all is well and I wanted you to read my latest hearfelt blog at

    keep em flyin’!

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