Scribbles from Last Week [Week 43, 2008]


“I used to be an Australian spy.”

“Com’on! There is no such thing!”



“Oh! Sarah Palin is coming to campus! I want to go!”

“Yeah! me and my roommate are dressing up us pregnant teenage girls!”

“For Halloween?”

“No! when Palin comes!”



“What if you could feel the pain in air?”



Guy 1: You know, you are so alone man…you need somebody! You need Jesus, man!

Guy2: I am Jewish!

Guy1: So you need Moses, man!

Guy2: It’s ok..they are all same. I mean, nobody has seen him. He might be the guy in beard playing guitar hero.

Guy1: Oh so you mean that they are all same..just Christains see him as Jesus, Jews see him as Moses, Muslims see him as Muhammad, and scientologist see him as …(pause)….Tom Cruise! Ha ha ha!

Guy2: Damn you, Tom Cruise! Ha ha ha!

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