Scribbles from Last Week [Week 42, 2008]


 On the lines of gas stations, will one day we have calorie stations, with actual calorie delivery pumps?


“You know where was Polo discovered?”

“Don’t know but I know that Marco Polo discovered it” (Can’t believe I said this)


Look at Greene’s; Maurice Greene, Graham Greene, Eva Green; Nice family!!


Lets gold plate the pyramids!


Kid1: Momma! Are we home yet?

Mom: No ! We just took one turn! I told ya, after two turns!

Kid2: No Momma, we took two turns!

Mom: No honey! One was slight left.

Kid2: So we don’t count left turns.

Mom: Ya!

Kid1: Are we home yet?

Kid2: Can I say ‘Bye’ to bus?

Mom: No No! we are not home yet and you cannot say ‘Bye’ to bus now.

Kid1: When are we going to be home?

Mom: After two turns!!

Kid2: After two right turns. No left turns.

Kid1 : Can I ask driver to take a turn now?

Mom: Sit quiet!!

Kid1: Are we home yet?

Mom: Yeah! we are home.

Kid2: Bye Bus!

Mom: No honey, get off bus first!

2 thoughts on “Scribbles from Last Week [Week 42, 2008]

  1. Kokonad says:

    How did you forget the incident about the white thing sitting in the saucepan?

  2. Ankur says:

    conversation is really a great piece of work…….ha ha ha

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