Notes from Webster’s Bookstore Cafe


If you ever happen to visit State College, then add Websters Bookstore Café on your itienary. Why? Because I am saying so, isn’t that enough! On a slightly less serious note, if one day I become a very famous author, then you will know the caffeine source behind all those great writings. Café Mocha..Single..Whole Milk..thats my pick! Choose yours!

So after a year of shamelessly ignoring Websters Bookstore Café from my writings, I decided to devote a whole blog to my caffeine source of every day.

They always play this nice song, which seems to belong to every possible language on this earth. Today they played this track that can easily be used in a Hollywood horror flick. Especially in the scene when the ghost has killed everybody and then realizes that he is not a ghost but a man while all those he killed were actually ghosts.

If you drink tea, this place is like heaven but if you don’t, then the ordering counter seems like a well-planned conspiracy against coffee drinkers.

One of the Baristas is really cute and I have this itsy bitsy crush on her. She also makes best Café Mocha. I don’t know if cuteness quotient and mocha skill are both related.

Talking about bookstore, can somebody please tell me how many books has Joyce Carol Oates written? She seems to be all over the bookstore, in all the sections, in all the racks.

The Hillary Clinton lookalike, in an all Blue suit spent like hours browsing through the biography section and at the end did not pick even a single book. It seems that she was searching for biography of her servant’s dead grandfather’s German Shepherd. It does not concern me much but I had to crouch in my seat for full 15 min., so that she can easily search for the biography of her interest and then she killed my curiosity in the end by not picking up any book.

Having said all this, I must tell you, I really love this place.  The pleasure of sitting near books and Cafe Mocha….Two of the most amazing things…

2 thoughts on “Notes from Webster’s Bookstore Cafe

  1. charu says:

    It is undoubtedly one of my favorite places to go.. more for the coffee and tea and the ambiance, than the books 🙂 But rest assured, a good collection of books is always there !

  2. charu says:

    Gautier, Gauthier, Gautama, Gauche- (these are the four suggestions that came when i typed Gaurva instead of )Gaurav .

    why does the time i post the comment says 4.22 am, while i posted it at 12.21 am (US time) Which part of the world you are at !!!

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