Herrings Go About The Sea in Shawls


Single most amazing thing to have happened to me in last couple of days; stumbling on this book titled, ‘Herrings Go About The Sea in Shawls’. As the cover says, it is a compilation of howlers from classrooms and examination papers. Compiled by Alexender Abigdon and illustrated by Dr. Suess (yes, the Horton Hears a Who! Guy), this is one book that you just can’t  stop laughing while reading.


I have been reading it to everybody I meet in person, telling people while chatting on phone etc. Although I have still not finished it, I decided to include some of the howlers here, for you guys to enjoy. But its one of those books that you definitely want to buy next time you see it in a bookstore.


In Christianity a man can only have one wife. This is called monotony.


Mandolins are high officials in China.


An interval in music is distance from one piano to the next.


Shakespeare wrote tragedies, comedies and errors.


Celibacy was a unit of land in the Mohamedan system.


Achilles was the boy whose mother dipped him in the River Stinx until he was intolerable.


Norway’s capital is called Christianity.


People of India are divided into casts and outcasts.


China is called china because the first china was made there.


Gravity was discovered by Issac Walton. It is chiefly noticeable in autumn, when the apples are falling off.

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