Scribbles from Last Week [Week 40, 2008]


Sarah Palin is going to commit blunders in this debate….She is going to faint…she is gonna have a stroke mid way…she just cannot handle this debate…blah blah blah!


All this hoopla before vice presidential debate, I actually thought that she was going to come on stage wearing a space suit with at least dozen biomedical devices attached to her.



Him: …everybody commits every sin everyday. It is like a conscious u have a notebook and then you go…Greed. Cross. Sloth. Cross. Envy. Cross. Blah. Cross. Pride. Cross. Whatever. Cross. And then you run out of paper. Shit, no more paper. You are like..I have to commit more sins..Shit, what now?

Me: (silent)



“Can you believe it, the first electric powered vacuum cleaner was invented in 1900? And before that, they had mechanical ones!!”

“Really, mechanical as in you had to suck the air in from one end of pipe.”


[Music and Lyrics]

An old Irish song. Amazing!

Oh dark is the evening and silent the hour

Oh who is that minstrel by yon shady tower

Whose harp is so tenderly touching with skill

Oh who could it be but young Ned of the Hill

And he sings, “Lady love, will you come with me now

Come and live merrily under the bough

I’ll pillow your head where the light fairies tread

If you will but wed with young Ned of the Hill”


Young Ned of the Hill has no castle or hall

No bowmen or spearmen to come at his call

But one little archer of exquisite skill

Has loosed a bright shaft for young Ned of the Hill

It is hard to escape to this young lady’s bower

For high is the castle and guarded the tower

But where there’s a will there’s always a way

And young Eileen is gone with young Ned of the Hill

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