Who is burning my world, my country, my hometown…?


Coming back from work at 3 AM has become ‘adventure’ in my hometown and that ‘adventure’ is bad. If somebody decides to shoot me for being so ‘adventurous’, my chief minister is going to blame my being adventurous for that incident.


Mob is delivering so called ‘justice’. A CEO of company fires some people and there comes Mob, beats him to death. I thought somebody would shout, “CUT! Next take” after this. But no its stark reality Mob kills a poor boy in village, Mob drags a women naked on the streets, Mob puts a train on fire, Mob kills another mob in riots…where are we heading….Instead of ‘flood’, is it the ‘Mob’ this time?


Bombs, bombs and more bombs!

“Hey Mom…can I go get a candy from nearby shop?”

“No kiddo..lets just stay in the bunker..the candy might just explode!”

“Where is Dad, momma?”

“Oh! He will be back from his adventure trip soon…”


Among all this, can somebody please signal me, when there is brief moment for all of us to smile!

2 thoughts on “Who is burning my world, my country, my hometown…?

  1. Ankur says:

    Soooo…..some sense also goes on this antisense blog

  2. charu says:

    Probably antisense can also think sensibly sometimes, when everyone else ignores the sense!

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