Fatwa on Mickey Mouse!!!


As if not enough people with already-a-fatwa-on-their-head were available, a Saudi Islamic cleric, Muhammad Al-Munajid issued a fatwa on Mickey Mouse…Yes, you read it right… Mickey Mouse, the Disney character. Apparently, all the antics of Mickey like burning houses are not in good taste to Islam and thus Mickey should be killed in opinion of Al-Munajid. He went ahead to the extent of calling Mickey “Satan’s Soldier” and an “impure corrupter”


So here are my bets for people characters that might get fatwa from Al-Munajid in next few months:

1) Snow White/Cindrella and other fairy princess’ because they don’t wear a burka

2) Superman and all his superhero friends, as they don’t keep a beard.

3) Wonder women, as she kinda lies in both the above categories and she is an American.


It is funny to imagine that there might be some people out there, looking for Mickey Mouse, and ready to shoot him. The only people affected by these threats might be theme park owners as it may become difficult to find people to wear that costume.


But in this entire milieu, I have some very fundamental questions, like:

Do they send you a copy of fatwa if it is issued in your name?

If yes, do they send it in mail? Is it like handwritten or typewritten? Which paper do they use; recycled or glossy or …?

Which courier company do they prefer; FedEx, UPS or DHL?

If you are a bigshot, does it come glass framed?

Do they end the fatwa with ‘yours sincerely’ or ‘yours’ or … or “May Allah bless you’?


The same cleric who issued a fatwa in name of Mickey Mouse had also issued a fatwa against ‘stupid humor’. So I might get a fatwa issued in my name for writing this blog. If it comes, I promise I will scan it and put it on my blog.

One thought on “Fatwa on Mickey Mouse!!!

  1. charu says:

    well have they are targetting “cartoons” and humor… you are certainly endangered!!!

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