Scribbles from Last Week [Week 38, 2008]




In terms of cranial capacity, I am better only to yeasts…yeah that’s because they don’t have a cranium.




Three girls in the bus…


“I miss Tennis”

“You play Tennis?”

“Yeah! do you?”

“Yayyyy! I play tennis too!”


“Yayyyyyyy! You two play tennis too! I play too!”

“Yayyyyyyyyy” “Yayyyyyyyy” “Yayyyyy”

“I don’t have a racket!”

“Me neither!”

“Me neither!”

“But we all play tennis…”

“yayyyyyy” “yayyyyy” “yayyyyy”

“we need a fourth person to play doubles.”

“my friend plays tennis too…she has a table too!”

“yayyyyyy””yayyyyyy” “yayyyyyyy”




The question said, “Give an achievement of your life that can help BP (British Petroleum)?

I wrote, ” As a kid, I was good at digging holes!”


Another one said, “Why do you want to join BP?”

I wrote, ” So that I can a discount on my gas purchases. I hope you do that for your employees.”



I know this week’s writing sucks more than usual. I am not in my elements.





Here is my song selection from last week: Gamma Ray by Beck

One thought on “Scribbles from Last Week [Week 38, 2008]

  1. mokshashah says:

    lol the tennis part was hilarious…

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