Scribbles from Last Week [Week 36, 2008]


Hip Hop is playing loudly in the background and the noise is so much that you can’t even hear what you are saying, and this guy walks up to me and says,

“Croissant… varied….. war original….video game!”

“What?!!!!….I can’t hear you!”, I have no idea why I say that, very well knowing that if I can’t hear him, the situation is same vice versa.

He shouted, “The word ‘croissant’ has a very interesting war origin.”


I am not at all surprised that origin of croissant lies in some war but what surprises me is that somebody decided to tell me that story of origin, in middle of a party. Do I look like a nerd, who would be more interested in some bread than the party itself? Worse, do I look like a croissant that is searching for its own origin?

Whatever, here is the story of croissant (as I can remember…)


In 16__, Ottoman empire attacked ________, and somebody defeated somebody, and somebody decided to make bread in form of moon crescent, actually two moon crescents, and then French, who I think had nothing to do with war decided to name the bread as Croissant…



A totally drunk guy is trying to stand upside down on his head and attempting other yoga postures. I want to ask him, if he can fold himself into a paper clip like position. But I fear that he might get struck in his own limbs.


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