Speeding Ticket…

…it is! On Saturday, when the whole town was inside the Beaver stadium watching Penn State game, I was caught at 41 mph in a 25 mph zone. In my defense, it was a down slope and I had accidentally spiked up for just 5 sec, 3.2 out of which were noted by this cop.

This guy came after me without flashing but there is always something about cops. You know when they are after you and not somebody else. A second later he was flashing and despite all my teenage dreams about being a part of car chase, I decided that today is not the day for that, so I stopped.

“Sir, I clocked you at 41 there in 25 zone. Can you explain that?”

“Ahmm…! It was…Eh… that down slope …I had put breaks! But…”

I know cops are accoutered with frequency jammers but believe me, what they don’t tell you is that they have a creativity jammer too. I can tell anybody else thousand amazing reasons for being at 41 in a 25 zone but in front of a cop, only thing you manage is truth that too which sounds like a falsified one.

And during all this when you are berating yourself on why you did not see that missing button on shirt as a sign to not go outside today, what pisses you off most is stare of people from passing by cars.

Oh yeah! he is the thief that stole my socks last year…No No he is the guy who ran away from that correctional facility in Nevada…..No honey,  he is the guy whom they made that movie upon, that Leo diCaprio movie…

Shut up!! Stop staring!! I just did what you are doing right now. You are also driving at 45 in 35 zone. Just that it was my luck that was bad today!

So, here I am, 4 points richer and $150 dollars poorer and still wondering what if I had recognized that orange-peel-looking-like-cop-car as an ominous sign.

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